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Are you wanting to implement a colourful, customisable system that will centralise your team or organisation? With monday.com you can connect all of your business’ processes, teams, and tools together in one collaborative Work Operating System (Work OS).

At enable.services, our monday.com implementation follows a step-by-step guide that ensures your new Work OS flourishes – meeting the needs and requirements that are outlined in your statement of work.

Why choose enable.services to implement monday.com?

As a trusted UK Gold Partner for monday.com, our team of experts can help you and your team through every stage of the implementation process.

With a range of professional services to help you build a system that is perfect for your business, we can save you time, money, and effort whilst increasing your productivity and efficiency. 

At enable.services, our dedicated monday.com teams go the extra mile, every time.

The monday.com implementation process

Understanding the monday.com implementation process

1. We listen to what you’re trying to achieve.

Knowing your goals and targets allows us to understand your pain points in greater detail – it also gives us a more structured objective to work towards.

2. We’ll ensure monday.com is the right Work OS for your business

If you’ve already decided on monday.com as your software of choice, then you can skip this stage. 

However, if you haven’t and you need to speak to a specialist to understand the platform in more detail, we can help. We take pride in delivering the best monday.com demonstrations tailored to your business and industry. We can help you see if your processes can be streamlined with monday.com and, if they can, we are here to assist you with the licensing and purchasing process.

At enable.services, we will always be upfront with our clients, even if that means saying ‘no’ when we believe there is a better Work OS available for their team. 

3. We’ll design a monday.com that works for you

So, you’ve decided to use monday.com to transform the way you work. 

Following this, we’ll then establish exactly what you need monday.com to do for you. 

We’ll determine which departments will use monday.com – leading to a conversation about roles and permissions. At this stage you will need to consider who will be granted permission to manage your dashboard, alongside what team members will be able to update task statuses.

Different team members require different functionality, and we will ensure that each individual user is confident with the platform.

4. You’ll need to establish a monday.com business lead

Although enable.services will assign you a project manager, from experience we’ve found it helpful for us and your business to have a dedicated member of staff who can drive your monday.com implementation forward alongside us.

5. We’ll introduce you to monday.com integrations and automations

As part of the implementation process, we’ll discuss the significance of integrations and automations, and how they can enhance productivity and manage your workflow more efficiently.

Learn more about integrations and automations on our monday.com.

These discussions will answer questions such as:

  • Which external systems do you use and how should they interact with monday.com? 
  • Which processes would you like to automate?
  • Which processes would you prefer to keep manual?

6. We’ll develop a schedule that works for you

Your monday.com implementation can be carried out at a time that suits you. We will keep you updated throughout the entire process with regular demonstrations and meetings to gather your feedback, and answer any questions you might have.

After completing these steps, we’ll begin a thorough testing process to ensure your new work operating system is running smoothly, followed by training workshops for you and your staff. 

Learn more about our monday.com training and how it can help your team.

Getting started with monday.com

Once you’re all set up you can begin to use the system in your everyday life. Soon, it’ll become an essential tool that you can’t live without – we know, because we use it in-house! 

You’ll be added to our monthly newsletter, giving you access to our expert advice, product updates, and helpful resources.

You’ll also be able to reach out to us at any point, whether that’s for a simple question, a request, or anything else monday.com-related.

Ready to get started with your monday.com implementation? Please contact us today!