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In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are looking for solutions to make their workforce work smarter, not harder. We will identify and design an automation solution to help you work more intelligently, creating opportunities to automate and improve otherwise manual methods or enhancing already automated ones.

Automation solutions

Automation solutions

The foremost objective of business process automation is to give you the liberty and strength to concentrate on resolving more acute problems. Automation will operate with algorithms to establish improved business processes so you can do what you do best — deal with more vital responsibilities or the more fun tasks you love. By having implement automation solutions to your business we can streamline and accelerate your routine methods, your company can enjoy more time to focus on engaging with growing relationships with clients and personnel and working towards your next significant success!

Did you know

Automation can enable shorter lead times, quicker delivery and more efficient use of your team's time.

Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management

A typical starting point solution for business automation and a solid building block for your company’s firm foundations is a hyperefficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Visualise the capabilities of all those mundane, menial tasks being worked on for you (the ones associated with the software, not putting the bins out every Tuesday – sorry), imagine how much time that will save you and your teams, heavenly. It’s as simple as when you enter a new lead into your CRM, it will magically assign to a designated team member or area group, or automatically send the contact an email – perhaps a personalised introduction or welcome to make them feel special?

Send alerts or notify yourself to generate a task, or update specific fields with information. By using this process, it creates a better synergy between you and your loyal customers, also by removing some of the human element it narrows the margin for oversight, resulting in lowering the percentage for costly mistakes.

Relationship management
Automation features
  • Call recordings
  • Emails
  • Processes
  • Lead generation
  • Invoicing
  • Account management
  • Opportunity management
  • Tasks
  • Customer notifications
  • Project management
  • Renewals
  • Onboarding
  • Subscription
  • Payments

Telephone automation

Our telephone options can also be fully integrated with your CRM; we can automate call recordings and note-taking to automatically be assigned to the correct contact, helping you save time searching and inputting the right information.

Voice over internet

Did you know

Automation can enable shorter lead times, quicker delivery and more efficient use of stock and cash flow.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation

We can also link your CRM to a marketing automation solution, creating further cohesion to your workflow. This application will allow you to be more strategic and selective with your marketing, by grouping your contacts in a predetermined way, yielding visibly improved results for your company. Connecting marketing automation with CRM helps create collaboration throughout the company, unify your marketing and sales departments and beyond, by creating automated communication between teams. We have software that can aid you in creating some fantastic landing pages with interactive forms, elegant email campaigns that can follow the map of your customer’s journey from the very beginning, through to automatically sending them their regular invoices efficiently, and on time.


Friendly, responsive and a pleasure to deal with.

The team at are a pleasure to deal with. They are very friendly and responsive to our requirements.

Daniel Cuthbert Protecture
Friendly, responsive and a pleasure to deal with.

Automated Chatbots

Automated chatbots, or conversational automations, for your website are a pretty nifty option for your company to have, especially if you operate business to business. It’s incredible how advanced these are nowadays; it can offer online chat conversation – potentially freeing up a human agent, it can even schedule meetings on your behalf with customers! Give it a try. We’re impressed with the capabilities, which is why we chose it for our website.

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Jade Isaac - Marketing Executive

Jade Isaac - Marketing Executive

Marketing automation is embedded into my daily life as a Marketing Executive, we created a campaign recently to drive traffic to one of our partner's event, our automation tool ensured success as we brought more attendees to the event than any other partner in the EMEA.

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We've got you covered for everything you'll need to get started. We will train you and the team so you can confidently use these solutions daily, and we'll implement your new shiny systems and apply the magic. You'll be ready to go and revolutionise the way your company works, for the better.

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