Emailed Voicemails

Emailed Voicemail is when a client leaves a message on your phone, that message is recorded as an audio file and sent to a specific email address. The recipient is then able to click a link to listen to the voicemail, or download the file from their email and listen however they choose to. It’s a simple but important feature, that can simplify your day-to-day activities, allowing your business to run better than ever.

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Emailed Voicemail can be configured in many ways, the most common are;

Email Notification
An email notification can be sent to the relevant user every time a voicemail is recieved. This can be configured to be a prompt to call the voicemail number, or click a link to listen
Email Audio Clip
Alternatively, within the email notification a wav file can be attached that is a recording of the call, allowing to user to listen where ever they are