Fully Managed VoIP Telephone Systems From £7 per month

Enable Technologies is able to provide a fully hosted private branch exchange (PBX) that will allow your business to move forward as you cut your communication costs.

We offer a wide range of VoIP services alongside hosting, including voicemail, call recording, virtual receptionist services and more.

Why VoIP with Enable? Put simply, we believe we are the best option to help you make the move.

The biggest expense you will face as you move to VoIP will be the cost of the hardware and its installation, but we’ve got you covered; we don’t charge you the earth to start putting your calls through the cloud.

We have the infrastructure already in place for your business to get on board; we look forward to hearing from you to find out your needs and help make the transition to VoIP seamless.

Whatever you pay currently for your traditional phone line, we know we’ll cost less. Send us your latest bill and we can show you exactly where savings will be made.

A Low Cost Fully Managed Phone System

Benefit from low call charges, free internal phone calls including all the features you would expect from a traditional phone system and more.

VoIP Pricing Guidelines
Pricing Guidelines
Hosting & Support £3 per user per month
Line Rental £4 per channel per month
Total from £7 per month
Handset compatibility

You can use VoIP with a wide range of hardware which are available to buy or rent from us as required:

  • Desk phones, which are just like traditional office phones.
  • Leading manufacturers such as Cisco & Grandstream.
  • Link your smartphone to EnableVoIP using 3G, 4G or WiFi.
  • Softphone compatible.

These are available from £5 per handset per month.
This includes next day delivery for a replacement handset if faulty or damaged.

Flexible equipment packages

Our VoIP solution does not restrict you on your deployment options. We have flexible equipment packages for either purchase, rental, soft phone download or mobile applications saving thousands on central equipment.

Free communications between multiple offices

VoIP saves costs on internal office calls, even if your users are located around the world your phones will seamlessly communicate using the internet free of charge.

Telephone number porting

If you wish to keep your current telephone numbers, EnableVoIP can port all geographical area codes free of charge. Non geographical numbers may be chargeable.

Phone portability

Unlike digital phones that require a service technician to move them, VoIP telephones can be moved by the user within the office. EnableVoIP allows users to plug the telephone into any place where it can access the Internet.

SugarCRM integration

Enterprises around the world are benefiting from Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calling, partially because of its ability to integrate with SugarCRM. EnableVoIP allows businesses to make and receive calls over the internet, while SugarCRM allows customer representatives, agents, sales teams, managers and others to access and use client information. Integration of EnableVoIP and SugarCRM can benefit businesses by streamlining processes.

Unlimited technical support

Our friendly UK Technical Support teams are available via phone, Monday to Friday 07.30 to 18.00 and via email or our website out of hours.

Company expansion

Let each department have its own telephone number immediately without the extra costs of having any new circuits from BT. This means you can take advantage of seasonal changes and create expansion of your telephone network when required without the need for long term contracts.

No extra telephone cables

Our VoIP phones can share the same cabling to each desk as the computer so there's no need to run new cables.

Virtual location telephone numbers

Want to promote your business in London, Paris, Rome, New York or anywhere else? We can provide your company with a real land-line telephone number which gives the impression of you having an office in any location worldwide.

Secure environment

Our VoIP solution is hosted within our secure network. The facility itself is an ISO-certified, Tier 3 data centre. Not only that, but the system is protected by firewalls and intrusion detection programmes to ensure that your lines stay untouched by miscreants.