SugarCRM Version 9: Making Customer Relationships Extraordinary

SugarCRM Version 9

Find out the new and exciting features of SugarCRM Version 9!

Comments Log
The Comment Log field allows users to add messages, comments, or other text to a log appearing on the record view. To add an entry, click anywhere inside the field and type a message into the text area that appears. After saving the record, the message is appended to the end of the log with a link to the user that added the entry and the date and time the entry was created. Once saved, entries cannot be edited or removed.

Managing Customer Relationships in a D2C World


The New Customer Experience

The manufacturing industry sure has changed. And not just a little. The entire market has undergone a massive transformation in a very short span of time. Artificial intelligence, the internet of things, servitisation, the rapid growth of e-commerce… these and other advancements have put your competition a mere click, swipe or voice command away. This means people’s overall experiences as customers – defined by ease, convenience and competitive pricing – are making it harder for manufacturers to please them.

Stay connected from any location

Flexible working

Flexible working is now a necessity to modern businesses!

With SugarCRM you can be in anywhere in the world and have access to all of your business information through the offline mode.

Why would this benefit you?

Say you went to a business conference and met some potential new clients that were offering you some great opportunities but the internet signal was really bad. The last thing you want is to have to record all of this information on a piece of paper to later import it all into Sugar. 

Recruiting Trends - 2019 Edition

Team Tailor

There's a lot of buzz around employer branding, and for good reason. We've scaled down the latest trends and tips to stay ahead of the game to more effectively grow your business this year!

1. Candidates hold the upper-hand

With the lowest unemployment rate ever in the EU and increased job opportunities, it’s harder to attract talent than ever before. The tides are turning: it’s no longer about what the candidate can do for you. It’s all about what you can do for the candidate.

Retaining Customers After a (literal) Blowout


A recent Issue with Zion Williamson 

Not so long ago there was an incident where Zion Williamson had a disappointing sneaker blowout during one of the most viewed US college (basketball) games in history. The brand of the shoe, Nike wished him a speedy recovery however the devastating news still went viral across social media.