What does a 360-degree view of a customer even mean?!

360-degree view of customers

We see this ‘tech jargon’ thrown around in articles all the time, but what do they mean by having a 360-degree view of?    

It means being able to see your customer's past and present activity, as well as predict their future interactions. This information can consist of things like contact details, communication held, marketing activity and contracts. Having this information allows you to create a customer-centric and personalised approach.

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Customer Relationship Management

Recently, we have been getting a lot of companies coming to us who are already using SugarCRM with another partner, however, they don't feel like they're getting enough support. We have successfully been able to bring new customers and customers of SugarCRM (from other partners) on board because of our extensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package that is filled with support and optimisation. 

How Can CRM Improve Your Customer Service?

sugar serve

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System is a place where your business can store information about your customers including their contact information as well as records of all of their interactions. A CRM consists of many functions, for example, activity management, opportunity management, sales management, customer service automation and much more!

With CRM you’ll always be prepared to give customers exactly what they need at any moment, for any issue. Here's how it'll help improve your businesses customer service...

How CRM Can Improve Your Employee's Performance

crm for employees

Employee performance is hard to track if you don't have any software that is allowing you to record individual projects and tasks. If you can't track employee performance how do you know that you're getting the best out of their capabilities? 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enhances your business processes and the way your employees work. It automates tasks that would be repetitive and timely if you didn't have a CRM and it allows your employees to focus on the work that really matters. 

What benefits does CRM offer to employee performance?