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There is no need panic that you might not know everything there is to know about your software solutions just yet. We have all your training needs covered; you’re in safe hands.


Sometimes face-to-face is considered the best way of learning. 2020 has challenged this concept. We want to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible; therefore, we are not offering this option at the mo.

Fear not! Our online versions are getting close to 5-star ratings (4.75 average to be precise) – I know it’s not polite to blow one’s own trumpet, but they really help people get started.


As you can see, this is the option to pick right now.

We have our certified trainers that will create these sessions bespoke to what you need. We know getting everyone together at the same time can be tricky, so we offer the training in bite-sized chunks. Also, video call fatigue means we need to adapt and take care of you. We’ve found by breaking up the training across the week, means more people retain the information.


Same as our ‘Onsite’ training option, we have paused this for everyone’s safety. We will update this page as soon as it’s deemed safe to make these options available.

Here, we understand learning something new, or brushing up on something old can be tiring. We like to make it fun and give plenty of opportunity for questions and conversation, enabling you to enjoy the session and take away some valuable learning. Win, win!

We’re all quite used to seeing little rectangles with faces on our computer screens, so it’s a little less awkward. I’m sure someone will be on mute when they’re talking, the dog will bark at the postman and possibly a small child might enter the room demanding a biscuit and that’s all perfectly ok.

You can book in a free consultation if you’d like to find out more with one of our team.