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If you have Sugar, by now you have surely heard about their latest software release, version 8. Have you considered upgrading, but you may be unaware of why this upgrade is different or significant.

That’s where we come in. Enable Technologies has the most successful customer upgrades in the EMEA to date and we are ready to help you navigate, train and launch into the new frontier as seamlessly as possible.

Upgrading is a big decision. With SugarCRM’s flexible deployment options, customers run many different versions of Sugar.

While upgrading should always be considered, the first step should always be to assess. When upgrading from an earlier version of SugarCRM to 8, assessing your environment to determine compatibility and challenges to upgrade is an essential beginning point.

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Upgrades VS. Security Patches

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As you now will be aware GDPR is the new standard for data protection, and with this new regulation, the relationship and responsibilities of each data handler has also changed. As we host your version of SugarCRM on our in-house systems, we are now defined by the new regulation as a Data Processor. This means that we have additional responsibilities to ensure that your data is safe.

Upgrades. Necessary, but not Evil

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Lets Talk About Upgrades
In a world where we are so reliant on various platforms and applications to enable us to do our jobs, and ensure the smooth day-to-day running of our business, the prospect of potential downtime and not being able to access those business-critical tools is a very scary one!

Enable Technologies has created a proven system that starts with a custom build environment scan to report on the overall complexity and level of support needed for the pending upgrade.