Enable Technologies is the only Certified Training Provider for SugarCRM in the EMEA region.

It’s the dirty little success secret of all software implementations. Training. The last frontier. The key to user adoption and success. We train your executives, your admins, your line workers, and your relatives (if needed). We do it in classes, at your office, in our office, on the phone, via a GoTo Meeting…whatever.


With a product as flexible as Sugar we know that we need to be flexible in our approach to training. Whether you wish to break a day into sections targeted at groups of individuals with similar roles or deliver a standard course across your organisation, we will make sure you get what you need. We won't waste your time by training you on modules which you have no intention of using, which don't fit your business or covering things you already know.

Training can be carried out at your premises, in our classroom, online or at a venue of your choice (assuming there is an Internet connection available).

As a guide, standard administrator and end-user courses take in the region of one day each.

All training options are bespoke to your Sugar, so you can be sure that your users will be trained on how to use the system they will be using rather than a generic system which bears no resemblance to what they will be using in their day to day role.

Feel free to ask about our course content to allow you to decide exactly which training best suits your requirements. If you’re still not sure, contact our sales team who will discuss your requirements and recommend the best course of action to fulfil your training needs.

How can we deliver?


If you are unable to free up an entire day for your training why not take advantage of our online training courses? More than just a “click and watch” video, these sessions are run by fully certified Sugar trainers live over the Internet so, should you have a question about something covered, or want to have something explained in further detail, you can interact real-time rather than having to post your question in the hope that someone will eventually get back to you.

Our Online courses have been designed such that they are able to be taken in bite-sized chunks of 2-3 hours to allow you to free up the relevant users for a smaller portion of time.

Want to have online training on a specific aspect of your Sugar instance? Contact our sales team who will be happy to discuss your requirements and come up with a bespoke course tailored to your exact needs.


There’s often no better way to ensure that you fully grasp what you’re being taught than to have someone face-to-face explaining it in terms you understand. That’s why our onsite training is presented in a language that the attendees will understand, and not be baffled by “geek speak”, though if this is required we can do that too!

And, because we can tailor our courses to suit your needs, you can be sure that your users will come away with relevant knowledge and not just generic information.


If you don’t have suitable premises to allow training to take place onsite, or you want to take the training away from the workplace, we can offer classroom training in our own facilities. Accessible via mainline railway or car, and within 80 miles of central London, we can give your training in a relaxed environment away from the hustle and bustle of your day to day office environment.

This allows trainees to focus solely on the job in hand without constant distraction or interruption from outside forces, enabling them to absorb more of the course content.

By offering completely customised courses, we are also able to ensure that users are trained on the areas you want them to learn, without unnecessary items getting in the way. Contact our sales team to find out more about our classroom and bespoke training courses.