Deliver Personalised Experience

Attract more prospects and create more opportunities with less effort. Engage and understand your customers like never before through more relevant, timely outreach and more actionable insights. Create campaigns that stand out from the pack, without breaking the bank. Optimise future marketing efforts by clearly capturing and understanding the return on your marketing spend.
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Prospect and Customer Targeting

  • Get your message to the right prospects - ahead of the competition. With Sugar you get high personalisation with low effort.
  • Quickly segment your target lists using Sugar’s smart reporting engine, and leverage information captured from multiple channels and tools to focus your marketing efforts on only the best prospects.
  • Drive deeper engagement and higher conversion rates with every interaction.

Campaign Management

  • Marketers can stay connected and top of mind with your prospects and customers with simple, effective campaign management in Sugar.
  • Build multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns with Sugar’s intuitive Campaign Wizards, and track every action and conversion across email, text, in-person events, or even via social media.
  • Measure campaign effectiveness at a glance with campaign ROI reports and dashboards.
  • Use Sugar’s Web-To-Lead Form to easily capture your website visitors’ information and store them as Leads. Reduces dependency on IT support with the Web-To-Lead form that is easy to use even for a non-technical user.

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Lead Management

  • Increase lead conversion by engaging the correct individuals with the right message.
  • Identify and reconcile lead activity generated across multiple touchpoints and stored in multiple systems.
  • Convert leads to opportunities in a single click, and seamlessly hand well-qualified leads to the correct sales representative.
  • Understand the ROI of marketing programs and their impact on your sales pipeline.
  • Relate opportunities to specific campaigns and track which channel is most/least profitable.
  • Replicate successful campaigns in few simple steps.

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Process Automation

  • Define processes that work the way you do.
  • Capture best practices in a visual process editor powered by a standards-based process engine.
  • Automate decisions and routing with complex business rules.
  • Minimise the delays and confusion that stem from approvals and hand-offs.
  • Sugar's Advanced Workflow enables Sugar Enterprise and Ultimate edition customers the ability to automate complex business processes using a process automation engine based on BPMN standards.

Marketing Analytics

  • Measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts from initial contact to closed opportunity.
  • Leverage personalised dashboards to monitor progress and inform every decision.
  • Quickly filter leads into targeted lists.
  • Optimise each engagement through rich insight into your leads and contacts.