Customer Service

Deliver Exceptional Support

Provide superior service and customer support to each individual. Reduce resolution time through rich insight by automating complex business processes, and driving both internal and customer collaboration. Decrease overall support load through customer self-service and intuitive knowledge management. Engage your customers at any time on any device.

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Case and Defect Management

  • Deliver a superior, multi-channel customer experience with a centralised and optimised customer support hub.
  • Attack customer issues quickly with smart routing and escalation workflows, and quickly access or author knowledge content to solve common issues for the lowest cost.
  • Provide “at a glance” views of complete customer histories for all customer-facing employees.
  • Close the loop between manufacturing and support teams with integrated bug and defect tracking.

Knowledge Management

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  • Improve customer service by empowering smarter customers.
  • Manage structured content publication using template-driven processes.
  • Seamlessly deliver content throughout the Sugar UX.
  • Increase knowledge awareness and relevance through user-defined tagging and intuitive searching

Customer Self-Service

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  • Empower your customers and save time and money with simple, effective self-service tools.
  • Deliver an intuitive experience for customer or business partners with fast access to bug or case status, knowledge base records, and case creation tools.
  • Give customers the power to seek advice from company experts anytime, anywhere using Sugar’s mobile-enabled Portal.
  • Available on Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Ultimate editions.

Expert Collaboration

  • Harness collective wisdom through collaborative discussion.
  • Easily identify and connect with experts across your organisation.
  • Enable context-sensitive discussions that are easily cross-referenced in the future.
  • Increase knowledge sharing by allowing individuals to classify information in a manner that makes sense to themselves.

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Process Automation

  • Provide fast, expert response through intelligent routing of inbound calls and emails to the right service representative every time.
  • Leverage Sugar’s business rules engine and advanced workflow to design seamless handoffs and smart escalations.
  • Enhance the customer experience by building bridges to internal product experts outside the support center.
  • Sugar's Advanced Workflow enables Sugar Enterprise and Ultimate edition customers the ability to automate complex business processes using a process automation engine based on BPMN standards. Automated processes provides these customers increased productivity, reuse of best practices, and the ability to effectively manage the customer experience.

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Service and Support Analytics

Deliver smarter service with intelligence that exists on every page. Sugar reporting and dashboards provide you with real-time information about your customer’s history, product usage, and hot topics.
Track responsiveness and time to resolution across accounts, teams, and departments, common customer problems and root causes, and overall customer satisfaction.