The Customer Journey Solution

Don’t let the honeymoon period end, build relationships that last, understand your customers journey today!

Thanks for your interest in a Sugar Customer Journey Solution.

Learn how to improve customer experience using the new Sugar Customer Journey Solution.

A new advanced CRM plug-in solution helps you unite best-practice CRM with your customers’ decision journeys. This new enterprise solution infuses the customer’s entire decision process with internal efficiency to streamline processes, boost sales performance and strengthen customer engagement across all departments.

A new perspective. The key to successful Customer Relationship Management lies in the tension between internal efficiency and external customer centricity. This advanced plugin solution helps you oversee, optimise and qualify every interaction between the organisation and the customers throughout the entire customer decision journey. By fusing customer centricity into your daily sales activities, the plugin simply redefines the game of CRM by changing the perspective to the customer’s point of view.

Customer Decision Chart

The unique Customer Decision Chart displays the individual customer’s process throughout the entire decision journey.

A dynamic Work Flow Panel

lists every task or action that the individual user needs to complete to help their customer advance to the next decision stage. The result is a fully streamlined sales process where every piece of your customer-facing activities – from marketing to sales to onboarding and renewal – is synchronised. And with one central information hub, every employee will have access to all relevant data, enabling them to manage key points of engagement and coordinate the actions of individuals.

"80% of service companies believe they deliver a superior customer experience"

"Only 8% of their customers agree"