Features you’ll get as a SugarCloud Enterprise customer being upgraded to Sugar Sell

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As part of SugarCRM’s version 12 upgrade, if you’re using the Enterprise edition on SugarCRM on SugarCloud, you’ll gain access to a range of new features and functionalities.

Here’s what you’ll get when you’re upgraded:


 SugarPredict is Sugar’s AI engine that drives business predictability and performance. Score opportunities by their similarity to your ideal customer profile to improve win rates, increase deal sizes and enhance retention.

SugarPredict identifies patterns and trends by working constantly in the background to analyse lead interest and the likelihood of conversion.

This will help you to prioritise and manage your leads and opportunities. 

Employee schedule management

With this upgrade, you’ll have access to Business Centres. This means that you can create automation, reports, and filters based on your organisation’s centres of operation. Whether you need one or many, you can customise each business centre to include a time zone, operating hours, holidays, geographical region, customer type, and more. 

You’re also able to define employee working hours, create shift exceptions based on individuals, and set up automations to ensure that records are assigned only to on-shift employees.

This brings a whole new dimension to SugarCRM – you’ll find it much easier to schedule meetings, route leads, escalate support cases, and more since Sugar will know who is working and who is not. 

Enhanced automation

Action Buttons are a great addition to SugarCRM. You can perform recurring tasks with fewer clicks by creating custom Action Buttons that enable users to perform quick actions like sending an email, creating or editing a record, or opening a web page, all without leaving the current record. 

You’ll also have access to SugarBPM – business process management.

SugarBPM enables admins to streamline standard business processes by managing approvals, sales processes, call triaging, and more.

It’s an intuitive BPM and workflow tool that allows you to increase efficiency and productivity across the business through automating and optimising key business and customer-facing processes. This also comes with pre-built sales templates.

Subscription management

Your upgrade will add Sugar’s renewal console to your system. This allows you to manage subscription-based business easily. Users can quickly find the subscription duration, start, and end dates of each product in an intuitive timeline format and can add products that have defined start and end dates (like annual service contracts or monthly subscriptions) to opportunities and quotes with a single click. 

 When you close an opportunity containing a renewable service, your SugarCRM system will automatically create a renewal opportunity with an aligning expected close date – your pipeline will be built automatically.

If you want to see this in action, please feel free to book in for a free consultation with our SugarCRM experts – click here.

External multi-channel communication

 SugarLive and a new Messages module will be added to your system, allowing you to easily capture instant messaging chats between a customer service agent or sales rep. 

 You’ll also be able to create a Knowledge Base of articles, giving your customers a place to go when they need assistance – saving time for your support agents. 

Internal communications

The new Escalations module brings faster attention to records when needed, allowing you to collaborate better with your team members. You will also be able to use the Comment Log dashlet to avoid long, unnecessary email threads and instead communicate directly on the relevant record.

No-code customisations 

The Advanced Reports feature allows users to create custom reports using a single or a combination of SQL statements to directly query your Sugar database. 

You’ll also be able to create role-based dropdown lists, role-based record views, and dropdown based views. These will all help to make user permissions more tailored and specific.

Sales acceleration

 The new Doc Merge feature enables users to spend less time fussing with documents and more time delighting customers by creating beautiful, templated documents and merging data from one or more Sugar modules, all without writing a single line of code.

Popular examples include NDAs, proposals, contracts, labels, form letters, and more. 

Purchase tracking

The new upgrade will bring a Purchases module that allows you to track the products and services you have sold to your clients. You’ll also have a Purchase History dashlet which gives quick overviews of what has been sold to your clients.

*Please note that some of these features may require set-up by an administrator before use.