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Sugar Market is a marketing automation platform that will transform your communication methods with customers and leads. Unlike other marketing tools, Sugar Market offers more than just an email marketing solution. It’s a feature-rich marketing suite that has various key features, including ad campaigns, SEO audits, social media management, buyer journey tracking, lead scoring, landing pages, webinars, reporting and more.

Invest in a platform that grows with your business – choose Sugar Market

Sugar Market allows you to connect and engage with your customers at the right time. Easily grow relationships and revenue with a marketing platform that does the work for you. Work smarter by using accurate AI-powered predictions to make better decisions and maximise opportunities. Sugar Market empowers your teams to create improved work and generate more marketing-driven sales.

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Sugar Market

Create powerful automated email campaigns

Create more engaging campaigns in less time with Sugar Market’s simple and intuitive campaign builder. Easily reach customers on any device, at any time, with responsive design – optimising your content for browser, mobile, and tablet has never been more straightforward! Reach customers with 1-1 personalised messaging, even if you are targeting over 10,000 people. Send emails in confidence with a marketing platform your team will love using.

What makes Sugar Market’s campaign builder stand out from its competitors is that it’s automated and visual. Use advanced campaign planning tools to trigger communications based on specific prospect attributes or activities. Become more efficient by scheduling emails in advance, saving you time and effort from manual tasks. As well as being productive, you want to use a marketing platform that you enjoy; that’s why Sugar Market has such a creative and easy-to-understand interface. Teams that use Sugar Market understand each step of the customer journey from click to close, capturing true marketing return on investment.


Get discovered with SEO

Google accounts for over 76% of all global desktop search traffic, followed by Bing at 8%, Baidu at 7.5%, and Yahoo at 7%. Sugar Market includes a built-in SEO audit that breaks down how you rank on search based on critical factors like internal and external links, page speed and mobile performance. Generate SEO reports, optimise web pages with an actionable list of recommendations and compare your rankings to competitors. Give your website a health check-up whenever it needs one, so, you can compare your audits to measure your progress over time. 

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Understanding website traffic is crucial in such an online world. Our marketing platform pushes real-time website data into your CRM platform so that you can see which contact has been on which page. This helps your sales team build more of an accurate picture of your customers and leads.

Create high-quality landing pages that convert with Sugar Market

Create professional landing pages with a marketing automation platform that lets you customise your content so it looks exactly how you want it. If you don’t have the time to start from scratch, our marketing solution has various templates to get your content started. Sugar Market has drag-and-drop functionality that creates conversion-focused pages and runs A/B tests with no coding expertise required. Carry out tests on your headings, images, call-to-actions and forms to see what works best for your business. Provide customers with the best experience possible by tailoring landing pages based on their location, device, interests or any details available within your CRM.

Sugar Market’s impressive reporting features will ensure that you can see which landing pages are converting the most through a centralised and visual dashboard. See how many people are visiting specific landing pages and what they’re clicking on – this way, you can make data-driven decisions about what elements to change. 

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Create and manage Google Ads

Minimise the cost of third-party experts by using a marketing platform to manage your ads and optimise them in the best way possible. Pick a landing page you’ve created in Sugar Market, write the copy and launch your ads in minutes! Never have to worry about inserting tags or pixels again with a marketing automation tool that lets you manage everything from within one system. Get an overview of what you’re spending, how your keywords are ranking, and your ads’ overall performance.

Google Ads

Utilise Sugar Market’s AI-powered ad optimisation to get the most out of your ads. Having a marketing tool that takes the pain away from time-consuming keyword research is so valuable. Sugar Market allows you to rate the predicted keywords they give you with a thumbs up or a thumbs down. The more keywords you rate, the more our machine learning begins to understand your business. Their AI-powered bidding algorithm constantly monitors and adjusts bids for conversions so that you can stay focused on your strategy.

Advanced marketing analytics 

One of the most important things in marketing is monitoring campaigns to allocate resources more efficiently. Sugar Market gives you access to more advanced features than most traditional marketing automation platforms. Get a more in-depth overview of metrics to find the information you need to drive leads and improve conversion rates. 

Marketing analytics

Become a data-driven marketer with a tool that gives you informative insights and identifies opportunities to drive better results. Pull clear, helpful charts and graphs from Sugar Market to see which marketing efforts are working and which need improving.

Access your information on the go; easily present your data during meetings on your phone or tablet with Sugar Market’s intelligent responsive design.

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Manage all your social media marketing from one platform

Through Sugar Market’s partnership with Oktopost, you can easily manage all of your channels using Sugar Market. Publish and share content, engage with people interested in your products and work within one, centralised marketing automation platform. The great thing about Sugar Market is that your customer’s interactions on social media will be tracked and passed through to your CRM for further Sales insight. Instead of relying on disparate tools, view your social posts clicks, impressions and overall engagement all within one marketing platform. 

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