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Zog Energy’s mission is simple. They provide high-value energy at low costs. Their excellent customer service makes switchovers as seamless and straightforward as possible.

Zog Energy is a domestic energy supply company founded by two double Queen’s Award-winning entrepreneurs, Tony and Andrew, based in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Zog Energy provides its customers with the highest value energy consistently. After finding it difficult to establish the best energy rate amongst the big six providers, Tony and Andrew built up Zog Energy to make a difference in the energy market. Providing a transparent tariff and excellent customer service, Zog Energy aims to make the switchover process quick and simple with the most competitive prices.

What were the key requirements? 

As a B2C business in the energy sector, Zog Energy needed a streamlined CRM platform that could grow with their business. It needed to be flexible and customisable with features that allow their team to support customers.

They were looking for an extendable system that required minimal human intervention – automation was crucial.

Zog energy CRM

Finding the perfect solution for Zog Energy was made easy with our CRM experts. Our vast range of experience in different industries allowed us to see that SugarCRM was the platform they needed.

Our hosting also appealed; having all of the data stored in our Tier 3 UK data centres meant that it was safe, secure, and protected. Learn more about our hosting.

SugarCRM’s flexibility and customisation were impressive to Andrew and Tony; it’s simple to add new modules and custom fields, and so it easily rivalled any other platform.

We did a review of the market, and SugarCRM came up as highly regarded. I really liked the extensibility and configuration of SugarCRM, so that’s what sealed it for us.

Tony Chester, Director

Using SugarCRM to support industry processes

Zog Energy is also qualified in electricity, which means that they can supply electricity as well as gas. This qualification is a complex process and requires suppliers to show they can operate in the electricity market and have the systems to support them.

With SugarCRM and enable.services, Zog Energy developed another suite of modules specific to the electricity market and rapidly integrated them into the national infrastructure using the SugarCRM API.

Zog Energy

During the electricity qualification, they decided to take advantage of the features of Sugar Enterprise by upgrading their system. They then had access to SugarBPM, an automated workflow tool based on drag-and-drop functionality. This proved invaluable as evidencing processes is a major element of the qualification.

Choosing enable.services and SugarCRM meant that Zog Energy is able to support over 10,000 customers with ease!

Extensive integration capabilities

Using SugarCRM, and with the help of the team here, Zog Energy integrated their CRM with their billing system. This allows their customer service teams to generate and view bills and statements all within one platform.

They also integrate their SugarCRM system with the rest of the national infrastructure for the energy supply market. This includes platforms for switching suppliers, controlling smart meters and providing electricity.

We saw the advantages of having enable.services host the solution for us!

Tony Chester, Director

Our journey with Zog Energy is still growing – we work with them every day to ensure that they have everything they need to achieve their software goals.

Does your organisation operate in the energy industry? We’re here to help!