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Webcare Group saved over 450 hours of work

If my maths is correct*, that’s nearly three weeks, every year! Hold up. Most of us don’t work 24-hour days, so let’s base it on 7-hour days. That’s about two months’ worth of time saved – wow, what could you do with a spare two months? 

Let’s explore how we got to those crazy numbers

Webcare Group are specialists in making healthcare more accessible and convenient for patients. As their name suggests, they care and want to improve the lives of millions of patients, initially in the UK alongside the NHS. More recently, their services are benefiting others further afield by expanding across Europe too. Helping people get the treatments they need.

Their CEO Riaz wanted to know how they could up their game and work smarter, not harder. They got in touch and arranged for our team to consult and learn what barriers they had in their way and how we could smooth their processes for them. 

Teamwork made the dream work

Together, we found the best fit for their multitude of teams was a trusty work operating system. What this meant for them was having all their essential project data in one place, easily accessible for all team members. There are many steps in their processes before each medication can be prescribed and ordered for online delivery. Sign off by clinicians, research and design, legality checks, pricing and packaging through to inclusion on the website readily available for a patient to order for delivery to their door. Having all of this data in one place was a ‘blessing.’ 

Our Customer Success Manager, Aaron carefully constructed twelve boards for the Webcare Group all filled with hundreds of automations, and it’s this attention to detail that saved them buckets of time. Instant, real-time notifications to create fluidity across departments. Projects signed off quicker, designs agreed live on the central hub created by us, which meant patients could access newly released medications to help them live their lives, faster.

They’re happy, which means we’re happy.

It’s a pain point; we hear a lot. People want to save time and have the freedom to be more productive and achieve goals they genuinely care about, certainly work should be more than sending emails and attending meetings, right? We’re proud that our friendly humans, combined with our exceptional software options, can help so many of us achieve this.

Want to find out more about what Webcare Group do? Here’s a link to their website. Want to book a free consultation to find out how we can help you? Click here!

*This calculation will not be precise. The writer was hired for her way with words, big fat smile and charm, not maths skills – there’s intelligent software for that!