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Leading football apprenticeship provider cuts time spent on email marketing by half using GoCampaign

Established by The EFL and The PFA back in 2004, League Football Education (LFE) delivers the apprenticeship programme to 16 to 18-year-old football players at EFL clubs across the country.

LFE manages the entire apprenticeship process as well as facilitating the delivery of personal development and a wide variety of life skills programmes including, emotional well-being, finance, racism and discrimination, and more. Alongside the apprenticeship programme, LFE also manages the Community Trust Study Programme in partnership with 12 football club community trusts. In total, LFE supports over 1,400 learners each year.

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We spoke to Elaine Brand, Assistant Projects Manager at LFE, about their experience using GoCampaign.

GoCampaign is an open-source marketing automation platform that we have developed and customised to enhance its core features and functionality. It is a flexible tool that aligns your sales and marketing, ensuring that the customer is at the centre of every decision you make.

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Communicating quickly and efficiently with hundreds of stakeholders

LFE has a huge number of stakeholders that they need to communicate with on a weekly basis. This includes learners, club staff, and other external parties. 

Prior to using GoCampaign, LFE used the Campaigns module within SugarCRM to send out mass communication. However, they found that they wanted to use a separate platform that integrated with SugarCRM instead, which was easier to use and more flexible. 

They considered MailChimp; however, this didn’t offer an integration with SugarCRM, whereas GoCampaign did. This offered automation, increased productivity, and reduced time spent on manual tasks.

This, along with GoCampaign’s ease of use, showed to LFE that it was the right tool for them.

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Using different channels to reach different audiences

LFE’s apprentices are aged from 16-18 years old, and email is sometimes not the best channel to communicate with them on.  GoCampaign offers SMS functionality that allows you to text your audience. This makes reaching LFE’s audience easier, as they can easily send out information and links, such as surveys. 

Currently, LFE uses GoCampaign for email marketing, asset management, and SMS campaigns. However, they plan to expand their usage with reporting and forms in the near future

Life has become easier since using GoCampaign.

Elaine Brand, Assistant Projects Manager

How GoCampaign has impacted LFE

GoCampaign has made it quicker and easier for LFE to communicate. The platform itself is easy to use, which reduces complicated processes. The integration with SugarCRM also automates target lists which saves time massively. 

The integration with SugarCRM saves time for LFE by automating target lists.

The support team has been really good and responsive; they keep us updated throughout any case.

Elaine Brand, Assistant Projects Manager

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