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Creating a more collaborative way of working.

Twelve innovators. Agitators. Designers. Disruptors. Normal yet brilliant people. Interactive Workshops is a collective of bright minds. In their unique corner of learning and organisational development, they’re here to create the future of work.

Interactive Workshops was born in 2009, starting as a design-led learning and facilitation company, which grew through effective marketing. They work with a diverse range of clients from ITV, Red Bull, BBC, Barclays, and NHS.

The challenges – turning silos into successes.

Their main challenge was collaborating effectively whilst they didn’t have an office. They wanted to grow their business; therefore, they were looking for a solution that would help them to share ideas and work on projects in a centralised system. It was important that Interactive Workshops’ had a place where they could organise everything that they were doing with full transparency. 

From 2010 Interactive Workshops took off with a busy schedule but only four members of staff. At this point, they had moved from working on a kitchen table to a loft. A mantra: “one more big client, and one more person per year” is thrown around. Projects arrive as far away as New Zealand, China, Sweden all for BMW.

After trying several different software solutions to fix their silos issue, Interactive Workshops reached out to us for a solution. We are passionate, we loved Interactive Workshops’ brand, and what they’re about, therefore, helping them grow and get past these challenges was an exciting adventure for the both of us! We have a great relationship with them; they even came to our event last year and did a fantastic presentation which showcased how they use their system and why they love it (and us) so much.

The solution – creating a fresh, centralised hub

We implemented an excellent work operating solution to help Interactive Workshops work effectively with their team members from any location. The implementation process was quick and easy.  

Once the platform was up and running, it allowed me to process and log all of the information from my director into one, centralised and accessible hub.

Emily Link, Producer

Interactive Workshops wanted a tool that was slick, visual and simple. Together we embraced the challenges that they were facing to create outstanding business processes that would help them achieve success continuously. Our work operating system shows them who is available, how many tasks have been completed and where their deadlines have been met on time. It’s all ticking over in one, complete system that works for all of their employees. What’s even better is that they can manage all of their tasks on the go – no matter where they are, they can see where everything stands in no time.’ work operating system allows us to set status and date columns, so we know exactly when a task needs to be done by and the progress of it. We love the fact that that system is highly customisable, which ensures that it’s consistently meeting our needs as our company grows. Since we first started with, our platform has developed so much; it’s perfect for us.

Rosie Blyth, Producer

The results – productivity and mindfulness 

Interactive Workshops were able to develop an assignment process tracking board to ensure that all of their employees are having a monthly meeting to discuss personal development and see how they are. Looking after people’s mental health is an essential value to us and shared by Interactive Workshops, so it’s incredible that we’re making such an impact on their team and helping them to communicate with their employees regularly and ensure that everyone is happy. 

2020 has been an uncertain year for many businesses; however, Interactive Workshops have continued to excel. They have pivoted to online delivery, expanded their reach and range of clients and launched a PlayBook – “Unlimited Live Learning for Everyone.” A worldwide crisis has not stopped them from achieving, and our software is at the heart of what makes their business tick. 

Since we’ve been using a work operating system, our entire team has become A LOT more productive. We work with an extensive range of clients, and this platform allows us to track how long each project takes and effectively work out pricing for their work. We use a vast range of automation within the system; however, our favourite one is the automation between the Status and Date column because it saves us time and money – we’re no longer doing tedious tasks.

Rosie Blyth, Producer

The year is not over yet, and we’re excited to pave the future with Interactive Workshops. 

Want to find out more about what Interactive Workshops do? Here’s a link to their website. Want to book a free consultation to find out how we can help you? Click here!