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How we helped Evergreen Garden Centre grow!

These guys and gals are the leading garden care company outside North America. They produce high-quality products and among their brands are some of the best-known and most trusted within the market – you’ve probably heard of Miracle-Gro® or Weedol®? That’s these people. 

Evergreen Garden Centre wanted enable.services to help carve the way for some calm. They used spreadsheet after spreadsheet and they were not talking to each other effectively. Although functioning, it was a bit of a mess and they reached out to us for assistance. 

They had a huge number of projects on the go, running simultaneously, and an enormous amount of processes to run alongside each project. Being an innovative company, they need to keep track of each stage, from the very first inkling of an idea through to where each product is sold in stores across; Europe, the Middle East and Africa! Sounds like a tonne of spreadsheets, right? 

That’s where we enter this particular success story. 

First, we took our time. We needed to see it from their point of view and understand the problems before offering the solutions. By doing this we found the project management tool that was a perfect fit. It ticked all the boxes (literally in some columns!) and exceeded the team’s expectations.

Next, it was all about setting them up with everything they needed to operate this new shiny platform; without too much interruption to their daily workflow. We set up numerous templates to make it all a bit easier, bringing them along the journey as we went. There were fun training sessions to enable all users with the ability to use the platform to its optimum. We made sure they were all happy and confident using the application. We even had top-up training sessions for new starters or when they expanded the users across departments, we were on hand to help.

All systems go!

Today, Evergreen Garden Centre continue using the work we implemented for them. It has evolved and grown like the gardener’s favourite perennial across multiple departments and enable.services are always on hand for support, training or even a quick phone call to help. 

A huge household name whose saying is something we can relate to ‘…we want to inspire anyone, anywhere to create and maintain their own green oasis.’ Ours isn’t creating a ‘green oasis’ as such. More of an organised, up-to-date, digital metaphorical oasis to help ease those daily workload stresses.

Want to find out more about what Evergreen do? Here’s a link to their website. Want to book a free consultation to find out how we can help you? Click here!