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    With your 30-day free trial of SugarCRM, you get:

    • FREE sample data or upload your own
    • Access to ready-made processes, reports, and dashboards
    • Guided experiences for sales reps, leaders, and administrators
    • Online training and live walkthroughs
    • FREE 1-hour CRM Consultancy Session with enable

    The platform that grows with you

    SugarCRM is the premier suite for business growth and scalability.

    Its accessible management of business contacts, communication and documentation bring you and your team’s work together seamlessly.

    The interface is completely customisable to your workflow, suited to all skill levels. With automations tools that reduce manual work, SugarCRM gives you back more of your time every day.

    Seamless Integration and Insightful Analytics

    The strength of a CRM is in how much value it delivers with your data.

    SugarCRM is the ultimate platform to make that happen.

    • An intuitive 360° view of the business means you are always informed.
    • Track your sales deals with ease, from prospect to sealing the deal.
    • Deep, accessible reporting features to keep on top of everything, no matter how granular the detail.
    • AI-driven insights and forecasting means you’re always ahead of the curve.
    • A vast array of add-ons and integrations bring your software suite together into one place

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