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A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform should provide a business with the tools it needs to grow. It should increase leads, improve conversion rates, and establish lifelong relationships with clients by bringing together all of your data in one powerful platform.

With over 30 years in the industry, we’ve come to know which CRM platforms are best at these things. That’s why we offer HubSpot – we’ve seen how much value it adds to a business, and we want to share that with you.

HubSpot is designed to drive sales. It’s an intuitive, dynamic, and easy to use CRM platform with features focused on improving your growth and production. It also helps you to deliver excellent customer experiences.

Not only can our specialists assist by designing, and implementing HubSpot CRM, but we can also provide excellent professional services to ensure you’re making the best use of your system, with the automations and integrations necessary.

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Contact and company management with HubSpot

Contacts are always at the very heart of your CRM. They allow your business to grow and succeed. With that said, it’s key that you ensure they’re organised efficiently and effectively to give a great customer experience, resulting in the highest potential conversion rate.

HubSpot CRM offers custom properties to categorise your contacts and leads in your way – allowing your CRM to be fully specific to your business with your terminology and language.

HubSpot CRM contacts

It even does the research for you! When creating a contact, HubSpot CRM will check the email domain and through public business information, automatically populate the record for you. This means your team can focus more on sales, and less on data entry. It’ll do the same for companies too; all of the related contacts will be listed under the company. Yes, you read correctly – instant organisation within a single click!

Pre-call research can be time-consuming and complicated. Trawling through emails and decrypting past notes can impact productivity massively – and in turn, that’ll lead to less time for you to drive sales. Here’s the solution – HubSpot’s timeline view of contacts. All activities with a record (calls, emails, related tasks) are presented in a clear timeline view. So, your team can be fully prepared before they speak to a contact – they’ll have all information right in front of them, thanks to HubSpot.

You can filter through contacts easily too – one of the native filters is ‘last contacted’, so you can ensure your team are managing accounts efficiently.

You can create static lists, which only update as you manually add contacts, or dynamic lists, where triggers, such as a change in status, move the contact to that list. This is perfect for up-selling and cross-selling.

HubSpot CRM deals

Close deals quicker and more efficiently 

Having an overview of your deals and opportunities in progress is key to improving your deal quantity, quality, and velocity of which you close them. HubSpot uses deals to show you steps in your pipeline, signifying to others that your opportunity is moving further on the journey to closure. This will allow you to forecast accurately and clearly.

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HubSpot’s board view allows you to see each deal you have with drag-and-drop functionality, meaning you can easily move your deals to each new stage. The stages can be completely customised to your business with code-free configuration, with each one having a different percentage probability set by you. This will make reporting a breeze, removing the unnecessary stress and complication of financial analytics.

Predictive lead scoring is another feature of HubSpot that helps you prioritise the deals most likely to close. It automatically scores and ranks leads, which indicates to the sales team where they should be spending their time. You can assign positive and negative attributes to each lead to provide an idea of how qualified they are.

  • Massively reduces data entry and manual input
  • Visual interface which increases user adoption
  • Customisable terminology
  • Powerful mobile app
  • Limitless integrations
  • Custom reporting
  • Product library for easy quote management
  • Compatible with Single Sign On (SSO)

Manage your workload with HubSpot’s tasks

Did you know that 44% of salespeople give up after one follow up? Neither did we. We were surprised at first learning this fact, but after considering the lack of task management tools within the majority of CRMs, we came to realise it could be a common reality.

Salespeople can become extremely busy trying to remember which leads to follow up with, and when. However. HubSpot’s tasks are notorious for helping you manage your workload.

You’re able to create tasks easily, linking them to contacts and deals for complete organisation and transparency. You can even get email notifications from them, so you’ll never miss out on an opportunity. This is perfect for a busy sales team as it’ll allow them to focus on their tasks, rather than checking their to-do list constantly and worrying that they haven’t followed up on a lead.

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Automate your processes with HubSpot’s workflows

Did you know?

HubSpot can transcribe your calls!

Automation is a critical factor to consider when deciding on a CRM. Your manual processes need to be streamlined, slick, and working seamlessly in the background to allow for smooth operation at all times.

Luckily, we pride ourselves on automation. We can take your time-consuming processes and automate them, saving you and your team huge amounts of time and effort. Automation is an innate feature of HubSpot and so it includes many useful features. Predicted deal close dates, discounts, and commissions can be automatically calculated for easy forecasting and to remove human error. Workflows can be set up to increase efficiency. For example, quote-based workflows can be configured so that if a quote reaches a certain threshold, it is sent off for approval.

Achieve more goals than ever with HubSpot

When you’re setting targets and measuring performance, it makes sense to do this in the same place as where your team are actually producing results.

With HubSpot, you can set goals for a range of activities – such as meetings booked, deals created, or monthly revenue targets. The clear goals will motivate your team making it easy for you to gain an overview of progress.

Learn more about how to track targets and goals with HubSpot by booking in a free consultation with one of our team.

Save valuable time with canned snippets

Although every conversation with a lead or contact will always be different, there’s likely to be certain phrases that you could type with your eyes shut. Common examples of this include ‘if you have any questions, please let me know’, or an introductory phrase about you and your company. Typing these out may seem like a small inconvenience, however, they could actually result in your team not being able to tick off the last item on their to-do list.

For maximum efficiency, HubSpot allows you to use canned snippets. This is the automatic insertion of phrases into emails when you’re composing them from within HubSpot. You can also use them for internal notes on contact records.

Integrate with Gmail and Outlook

Email integration with your CRM is essential. It should make your working life easier, and that’s why HubSpot’s Gmail and Outlook integration is so popular. It’ll not only automatically log all emails in the CRM, against the relevant records, but it’ll also bring up a sidebar when you are composing an email to provide you with the contact’s information. This will make it simpler for your sales team to provide a personalised customer experience, as they’ll have all of the information they need when they need it.

Another great benefit of this integration is that if you email a contact that isn’t already in HubSpot, it’ll create the record for you. You’re also able to load up email templates stored within HubSpot, which are perfect for standardised content.

More HubSpot CRM features that we love:
  • Email scheduling (your clients will never know you were working on their deal at 1 AM!)
  • Multiple currencies for your international deals
  • Mobile app
  • Prospect IP tracking
  • Email tracking
  • Calculated properties (fields)
  • Team and role management
  • Sales sequences

Organise and manage documents

Hunting through file explorers and chasing colleagues to send you documents is a very dull task. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have everything in one centralised place? All it would take is one click to find a document and send it to the relevant person.

HubSpot provides a single place to store standardised documents such as pricing sheets and whitepapers. This will allow your sales team to select them straight from HubSpot, email them out, and then track the open rate of each document to see how engaging they are.

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HubSpot CRM meetings

Make meetings easier with HubSpot

The usual process of creating and scheduling a meeting takes longer than it should. Checking availabilities, creating video call links, adding it to different calendars, and sending out invites are all processes that should be automated. With HubSpot, they are. Your meetings can sync to your Google or Office 365 calendar, so contacts can always see accurate information on when you’re available.

HubSpot allows leads to book the meeting into your calendar, saving time and ensuring that it’s a suitable date for everyone involved. As the meetings are being booked by contacts, they’ll be automatically be added to HubSpot. If they’re not already a contact, their details will be recorded as a new contact for maximum efficiency. You can even set up a round-robin meeting link so for example, if there’s no designated salesperson for a lead, they can book in with the rep who’s availability works best for them.

HubSpot’s marketplace integrations

Connecting your every-day tools to work together seamlessly should be easy. They should sync together harmoniously, updating information and allowing you to work from one cohesive platform.

The HubSpot marketplace allows you to discover over 500 different apps to install in your system.

One of the most popular HubSpot integrations that we see daily is with This allows your entire company to collaborate. When a new contact, company, or deal is created in HubSpot, this can sync to, and ensure that all future changes are updated accordingly.

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Calendly
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Stripe
  • RingCentral
  • Intercom
  • DocuSign
  • PandaDoc
  • GeoMapper
  • Slack

Learn more about or arrange a consultation with a specialist to discuss HubSpot integrations further.

See these features in action

A few other HubSpot features that we love include live chat, activity streams, contact website activity, and forms.

HubSpot has endless features that all work together for the ultimate goal – driving sales. It gives your team the tools they need to succeed.

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