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Marketing automation is a vital tool in any successful business, working alongside your strategy and vision to result in increased sales. GoCampaign is a platform that helps you execute your marketing tasks in a streamlined, efficient manner. With digital marketing evolving rapidly, it’s important to be as productive and proficient as possible. That’s where GoCampaign steps in.

enable.services is a family-run solutions provider based in Martlesham, Suffolk. We equip businesses with the tools they need to succeed, with extensive knowledge and guidance to help you along the way. We take a tailored and personal approach to each situation, allowing for a bespoke system that elevates the business to its full potential. We have years of experience with marketing automation, and from this, we can help you drive your business to success.

GoCampaign is an open-source marketing automation platform that we have developed and customised to enhance its core features and functionality. It is a flexible tool that aligns your sales and marketing, ensuring that the customer is at the centre of every decision you make. GoCampaign allows you to begin with lead generation, then to nurture those leads, ensuring that they are kept warm and engaged, and then to convert them into satisfied, returning customers.

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Core benefits of GoCampaign:
  • Increased efficiency and productivity due to automation
  • More personalised and unique email marketing
  • Stronger brand
  • Better relationship with customers and leads
  • Seamless integrations
GoCampaign Email Nurture Campaign

With a huge range of features, GoCampaign makes creating personalised marketing experiences easy. Arrange a free consultation to find out how.

GoCampaign dashboards give you an instant performance overview

No matter how powerful a marketing automation platform is, having a straightforward, easy-to-use interface is highly important. Not only for user adoption and ease, but also for overviews of each area of your marketing.

Your dashboard in GoCampaign can show you valuable data, such as contacts created over time, page visits, form submissions, upcoming emails, and recent activity. This will give you a complete overview of your marketing, and its results, with a single glance.

Manage contacts easily with GoCampaign’s tracking and segmentation

Having a full, 360-degree view of a contact is key. To achieve the best outcome, you need to know as much information as possible about the person you’re communicating with. This is managed easily by GoCampaign. With progressive profiling, GoCampaign works seamlessly in the background to pick up all of the details you need to provide personalised marketing.

GoCampaign provides detailed contract tracking, allowing you to see who has viewed your website, what pages they looked at, and for how long. Not only does this allow you to create a personalised experience for the contact, but it also shows you which parts of your website are proving to be more successful, and what needs to be prioritised.

Being able to see who has downloaded assets, filled in forms, and viewed pages is extremely important, not only for showing you which products or services the contact is interested in, but also for building a full overview of who they are.

You’re also able to organise your contacts into segments, making it clear and straightforward for your users to navigate the system. You can segment through demographics or even activity – so you can make sure that the people interacting with your company the most are receiving the most appropriate communication, ensuring you never lose out on an opportunity.

Build personalised, sleek emails using GoCampaign’s email builder

When using email marketing to communicate with your leads and customers, it is of crucial importance that your emails are engaging, stylish, and – the most important of all – personalised. This can prove to be tricky when using a marketing automation platform. Luckily, GoCampaign allows each and every email you send to make the reader feel special, enhancing and building your relationship. With an integrated email builder, GoCampaign provides you with many email templates to choose from, giving you the foundations to create a powerful, mobile-ready email. Or, if you prefer to create emails in code, GoCampaign easily facilitates this option.

GoCampaign Email Builder

With drag-and-drop functionality, building an email has never been easier. You’re able to add images, buttons, dynamic content, coded sections, and social links, all with the click of a button. Not only will this present you as more professional to the reader, but it’ll also dramatically increase the open rate and the engagement rate. This is due to the improved functionality, making it easy to add in call-to-actions.

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Did you know? Our marketing department uses GoCampaign every day to strengthen our brand, by sending personalised emails and gaining instant insight into our performance.

Monitor all interactivity with GoCampaign’s customisable points-scoring system

If something isn’t measurable, you’re not able to improve it. We know that analysing data is crucial to see what is working well, what needs to be improved, and what needs to be prioritised, and that’s why we’re proud to say that one of GoCampaign’s most renowned features is its customisable points-scoring system. This feature of GoCampaign gives you insight into who is interacting with your marketing the most.

It sets a certain amount of points (this is completely decided by you) against an action. For example, this is done by opening an email, visiting a page on a website, or filling in a form, and then points are allocated to the contact; who, over time, will gain more and more points. From this, you can then set a points threshold. So, for example, if a lead is generated and then captured through your web form, and they engage enough to reach a certain number of points, they can then be pushed into your CRM, sent an email, or added into a campaign.

The number of points a contact has will help you to gauge their interest in your services, making sure you benefit from every potential opportunity. Not only does this personalise the communication they receive, but it also removes the risk of your CRM being loaded by spam as it ensures that only quality leads are being synced. You’re easily able to see if your contacts are scoring high or low, allowing you to make the appropriate changes from objective data, resulting in improved performance.

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Some of our team’s favourite features of GoCampaign include:
  • Gated video content – you can have a pop-up display appear mid-way through a video on a landing page, requiring the contact to enter data
  • A/B testing – allowing you to compare strategies to see what’s working well and what needs improvement
  • Automated campaigns – taking away the stress of manually sending out emails at certain timeframes
  • Progressive profiling – continuously equipping you with more and more information on your site visitors
  • Dynamic content – if GoGampaign knows that a contact is interested in something, it’ll allow for unique content within a landing page, that is specific for each reader
  • Cloning landing pages – meaning you’re able to maintain consistency within your brand by keeping templates

Design the best customer experience using GoCampaign’s campaign builder

When leads are generated and captured, one of the key steps in the journey to make the sale is to nurture them. They need to be reminded that you are there, given resources, and shown how you can help them. With GoCampaign, this can be done efficiently and effectively, ensuring that your leads are nurtured in the best way possible.

One of GoCampaign’s most popular features is its powerful campaign builder. This is due to it being able to architect personalised, multi-channel campaigns quickly and easily. The built-in campaign builder gives you a clean and simple user interface with a drag-and-drop functionality included. You can add in actions, decisions, or conditions to your campaign, as well as letting you define multiple outcome processes and setting date-triggered actions or even activity-triggered actions. This means that you can tailor your campaign to contacts who may have filled in a web form, or downloaded a whitepaper – making the most of your data and also any potential opportunities.

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Architect professional, inviting landing pages and forms using GoCampaign

Landing pages are an excellent way of capturing key information from site visitors. They allow you to monitor traffic whilst giving you insight into asset management.

With GoCampaign’s integrated landing page builder, you’re able to easily and quickly construct a stylish, unique page for leads to take any action, such as fill in a form or download a whitepaper. These will link back directly to GoCampaign, saving you massive amounts of time.

Did you know? GoCampaign has a wide range of plugins to integrate with, including Twilio, Twitter, and Zapier. Or, you can build bespoke integrations using its API.

You’re also able to build forms from GoCampaign, allowing you to build a full picture of a contact. This also helps you to be fully GDPR compliant, ensuring everything is managed and kept on top of.

Storing assets in GoCampaign, such as whitepapers, datasheets, guides, and e-books, is a hugely popular feature. It allows you to directly link these to interactions with contacts, showing you what is being downloaded the most. It also gives you a centralised hub to keep your resources, making them readily available for those who need them.

Align your sales and marketing by seamlessly integrating GoCampaign with SugarCRM

GoCampaign is hugely powerful as a standalone platform, giving you everything you need to take your marketing to the next level. However, you’re able to take it one step further by integrating it with SugarCRM.

SugarCRM is a flexible Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that can integrate seamlessly with GoCampaign. This results in two intelligent systems, working together to execute one ultimate outcome – more sales.

GoCampaign SugarCRM integration

The effortless transfer of data means that your GoCampaign system will be up-to-date with the information stored in SugarCRM. This removes the task of manual duplication and data entry. This also allows you to avoid any inaccuracies or errors.

With both systems updating automatically, GDPR compliance is managed quickly and easily. Your contacts can opt-out at any time, removing the stress and hassle of GDPR.

The integration between GoCampaign and SugarCRM also provides target list synchronisation. This means that users are able to create reports within SugarCRM, and then push these results into GoCampaign.

This also provides access to a GoCampaign dashlet within SugarCRM, giving the viewer (even if they don’t have access to GoCampaign) an insight into the record’s engagement and interactivity. It displays the points they have scored, following the configuration of the rules set in GoCampaign. With GoCampaign, you’re also able to see all results within SugarCRM, such as emails read, pages hit, and opt-outs. You’re even able to see if any campaign actions were triggered in GoCampaign.

The integration means that any forms built within GoCampaign will update details in SugarCRM – ensuring your information is always up-to-date. This encourages user adoption and allows for improved results.

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The team at enable.services are so supportive. Our CRM and marketing automation fully underpin everything (and more) that we need to achieve as a business.

Lisa Stead, Shuttercraft
GoCampaign Dashboard

Gain in-depth insights and uncover data with GoCampaign’s reporting and analytics

GoCampaign gives you the opportunity to see how effective your marketing truly is. It also shows you areas of which need to be improved, areas of which need to be prioritised, and areas that are performing extremely well. With visual charts and graphs, you can easily see the open rate of emails, page hits over time, and average time on your site with a single glance. Not only does this allow you to remove risks by allowing you to plan for the future, but it also tells you how you have performed in the past.

enable cloud hosting gives you a secure, reliable connection to your GoCampaign system

Not only do we specialise in creating, implementing, and maintaining GoCampaign, but we also host it too. This means that, when your instance is on the enable cloud, you’ll always have a secure, reliable connection – giving you instant access, anywhere, at any time.

All systems hosted on our cloud are kept within our Tier 3 UK data centres. These are all completely GDPR-compliant and ISO certified. We also provide backups four times a day, including one offsite backup.

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Our friendly support team are here whenever you need them

We understand that your time is precious, and when things aren’t working to the best that they should, we know that we need to act quickly and efficiently. That’s why our GoCampaign support team are here to help whenever your system may need a little assistance. With a structured system to ensure our response and resolution time is as quick as possible, we have several teams of individuals to help wherever they can – including Support Agents, Developers, and Infrastructure Architects.

How our support team helps:
  • Quick and efficient resolution times
  • Screen shares and video calls to provide an in-depth understanding
  • Regular updates and explanations
  • Email confirmations of cases raised and closed
  • Dedicated case owners

Our trainers are always on-hand to help with onboarding and training

It’s highly important that your team are confident and on-board with using a new system – not only will this mean a quicker adoption time, but also better results being produced. Our GoCampaign training has helped many companies, ensuring that the training is specific and tailored to the company. We offer various levels of training, making sure you leave the session feeling confident, knowledgeable, and ready to get started. We also provide you with a recorded copy of the session, so you always have something to refer back to. Our training sessions allow your team to use GoCampaign to the best of its ability, transforming your marketing for the better.

GoCampaign Email Results

GoCampaign is the all-in-one, intuitive marketing automation platform that you need to reform your marketing. It frees up your time with automation, increases efficiency, and builds better relationships with leads and customers.

Let marketing automation can work for you, rather than you working for it. Book in a free consultation with one of our GoCampaign experts.