Sennheiser Electronic Hears the Sweet Sound of Sugar Success

SugarCRM Case Study Sennheiser

with Klaus Hoeling

No matter what we ask of Sugar, there is a way to do it!." Klaus Hoeling, It Director, Sennheiser Electronic

Company Profile

Sennheiser LogoA world leader in manufacturing, distributing and selling microphones, headphones and wireless transmission technology, Sennheiser prides itself on shaping the future of the audio industry. The family-owned company operates two divisions: Consumer Systems, which accounts for nearly 50 percent of sales; and Professional Systems, which provides microphones and headphones to performers, venues, studios and broadcast outlets, and audio solutions for conference in enterprises and conference centers. The company won an Emmy Award in 2013 for engineering.

Sennheiser's CRM Story

"I have implemented many systems during my IT career, and it took much time to see results. With Sugar, we set up things quickly, enlisted our teams and produced results. That emphasises we made the right decision on a CRM" Klaus Hoeling, IT Director

Sennheiser determined Sugar be the best fit for its complex requirements:

  • Support for a globally distributed user and customer base
  • Ease and cost-effectiveness of integrating Sugar with ERP, business intelligence and social media
  • Advanced workflow
  • Support for B2B and B2C sales, Customer Support and Marketing
  • On-premise deployment to ease integration and comply with government data security regulations

Global Deployment, Multiple Sales Channels: Since selecting Sugar, Sennheiser has deployed the solution to users in 40 countries. Sugar was used first to support B2B sales relationships, then expanded to manage B2C sales through retail centres, e-commerce, and partnerships. Sugar has become instrumental in managing a diverse customer database across multiple business units, providing sales and marketing insights that enhance revenue.

Customer Service and Marketing Expansion:More recently, Sennheiser has expanded Sugar into customer service, collecting data about the customer lifecycle that helps identify new sales opportunities. Commercial customers have surfaced as personal users, leading to
successful cross-selling.

Enhanced Business Intelligence across the Customer Lifecycle: Because Sugar helps Sennheiser chart the customer lifecycle, the company is leading competitors by establishing commerce at a personal level. Sales staff, working with mobile devices, easily enter sales or call notes, call up schematics and performance reports for clients – and even show prospects how other people or venues are using Sennheiser equipment.

  • Greater visibility into sales and operations
  • Up-to-date information for better decisions and service
  • Increased efficiency
  • Fast IT deliveries to support business requests
  • Robust, well-documented interfaces
  • Because of stability, and performance, of the system, migrating more interfaces

Looking forward, Sennheiser is planning to rely on social media for marketing and lead generation and is creating workflows for the process. It recently developed enhance forms for case management.

Significant global business growth and channel diversification made it clear to Sennheiser executives that they could no longer rely on homegrown solutions that kept data in isolated silos. Instead, they saw the need for a robust CRM that could give a globally distributed workforce a comprehensive view of the customer. The CRM would need to accommodate Sennheiser’s diverse sales channels and would need to expand to encompass customer service and marketing.

Sugar Enterprise, deployed on-premise to ease complex integration needs and comply with government data security regulations with Advanced Workflows.

  • Global Deployment, Multiple Sales Channels
  • Customer Service and Marketing Expansion
  • Enhanced Business Intelligence across the Customer Lifecycle
  • IBM Connections: Intranet collaboration
  • JD Edwards Enterprise: ERP
  • MicroStrategy: Business intelligence
  • Spredfast: Social media monitoring
  • Evalanche: Marketing automation
  • Skype4Business: Customer calls
Partner Description

my image Insignio CRM has been bringing its marketing, sales and service expertise to its customers for more than 12 years with the goal of providing strategic and advisory support to companies in optimising customer management. The technical realisation is done with Sugar. Many, resulting from this customer projects are award-winning. As an elite partner, Insignio CRM is one of the largest and most powerful representatives of SugarCRM worldwide for its outstanding consulting, implementation, integration, programming services and training. To find out more about Insignio CRM, please Click Here.