How Wix use to manage their events
Sergey Bolshchikov from Wix talks about his experience with

I oversee various events (like meet ups, conferences) our engineering team participates in. Our team users this board to have a bird's eye view of all engineering events that we are participating and our role there. 

We have it all in one place: 

  • Who is speaking? 
  • Are we sponsoring/participating in the event? 

We also use it to add any new events that we are interested in. All events are grouped per country.

Getting started tips

This board is very straight-forward: each row is an event, and all events are organised into different groups by country. 

We us the columns to:

  • add the URL to the website of the event
  • indicate the type of the event (i.e. conference or meet up)
  • date of the event
  • location of the event
  • status of the event (if we are participating, if we are sponsoring, etc) 

We can then filter the board to see only the events our engineers are attending.

"It's visual and provides all necessary information at a glance," Sergey Bolshchikov.

Wix board

Why we love this template?

It allows to see the big picture across all events and keep all details in one place, instead of maneuvering between the emails, Google Sheets, personal notes.

This board improves our communication and increase the efficiency of work by sharing the same context among all team members who are scattered over several offices around the globe.

Without this template I would be in chaos. Everybody would manage their own subset of events, and we wouldn't be aligned in the events we are participating in. Quite often engineering events overlap, and without proper communication, we would be fighting over resources, people, etc.