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Wilson Advertising is a creative, data-driven, full-service marketing and advertising agency. Their expertise and flexibility allows them to support clients on a wide range of projects, from email campaign management to event planning to creating virtual reality experiences. To be successful in each of these capabilities, Wilson stresses the importance of starting with the same approach, saying, “Strategy isn’t just what we excel at, it’s where every great brand should start if it wants to live forever.” And when Wilson began a search for a foundational marketing platform, they found the strategic fit and partnership they were looking for in Mautic..

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Wilson - Customer Success Story


Devin Meister is Wilson’s Content Director, and he was tasked with finding a solution that would fit the needs of his lean, fast-paced team. Prior to Mautic, basic single-function tools were deemed “good enough” to help the Wilson team set up simple data-capture forms and send ad-hoc batch-and-blast emails to their database. But as Wilson grew, so did their need for marketing technology that could scale with them and keep up with the pace of innovation in their industry and their clients’.

Mautic Minimises Manual Effort, Avoids Critical Flaws of Legacy Solutions

Devin’s biggest priorities included an intuitive, visual campaign creator, customizable campaign triggers and business rules, lead scoring, and consistent website tracking. That last one was particularly important as it was one of the Wilson team’s biggest pain points.

“With our previous email tool, and even Google Analytics, we really had to go digging for the data we wanted. It was too much manual effort, and we felt like we were still having to make lots of assumptions about our audience.” - Devin Meister, Content Director.

Devin led his team through an evaluation of several products. One tool seemed overly expensive and too focused on the contract terms. A different tool had Devin worried about the strain it was going to put on his team from a time and energy standpoint. And of yet another tool, Devin said, “It felt like it was designed by engineers rather than marketers – there’s not a lot of empathy for the user.”

"We looked at several other tools, but each one seemed to have a critical flaw – functionality, cost, complexity, etc. Mautic checked all the boxes, and we loved the open source story behind it." - Devin Meister


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When it came time to preview Mautic Cloud Pro, Andrew was happy to see a fresh approach. Instead of trying to own each and every step, Mautic strategically partners with best-of-breed ESPs to handle email delivery. This gives Mautic the ability to focus on delivering the best automation and personalization engine possible while ensuring that customers maintain truly modern email capabilities.

Mautic also demonstrated clear capabilities and value for Andrew’s highest priority needs. Andrew wanted a tool that could capture leads along with their entire engagement history across digital properties; he wanted a tool that would enable visual creation of multi-touch, multi-channel campaigns; and he wanted a tool that could support dynamic audience segmentation and enable his team to deliver highly personalized customer experiences. Mautic was built for all of that.

RxMG made the decision to switch to Mautic. Thanks to the expert training and white-glove support from Mautic’s Customer Success team, Andrew’s team was up and running in just a couple of weeks, seamlessly connecting Mautic with their homegrown customer database, and saying goodbye to the outdated solution that had previously caused them so much frustration.

“The process was incredibly smooth, and I’d even say enjoyable. I genuinely enjoyed talking and working with their team – from the Customer Success team all the way up to their CEO who made time to meet me in person. That meant a lot.” - Andrew Clark, Founding Partner

Email continues to be a critical component for RxMG as they help their clients map effective customer journeys. And thanks to Accelerator, a proprietary innovation in Mautic Cloud Pro, RxMG is experiencing industry-leading email send speeds, regularly delivering hundreds of thousands of emails in minutes.

Andrew’s team is now implementing and launching new client accounts faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever before. Compared to their previous solution, Mautic has reduced their client setup time by 40%, and reduced their email and automation solution expense by 30%. Originally, Andrew and Rx Marketing Group set out to find a marketing tool, but instead, as Andrew says, “we found a partner.”