Securitas Denmark disrupts their concept of Customer Management with SugarCRM – and wins!

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By placing SugarCRM as a central backbone for sales and customer relations, Securitas Denmark goes from behind the game to ahead of it! Cost-effectiveness, a consistent target point and unique support from Enable Nordics turned the table.

Being a leading global brand in the field of security and guarding, Securitas Denmark serves a wide range of customers in a variety of industries and customer segments. Facing the steady shift in technology and heightened global tension followed by increasing customer requirements, Securitas Denmark has managed to place effective Customer Management at the heart of their business.

Today, ineffective Pipeline Management has been replaced with Streamlined Sales Processes, issues of invalid data belong in the past, and lack of transparency has been turned into efficient workflows:

“Before we implemented SugarCRM, we were challenged. We didn’t have a system to help us manage our processes. We didn’t quite trust our data and found it difficult to stay on track with our sales performance goals, sharing knowledge across teams, and simply managing both new and existing customers”, explains Ane Tjørnelund, Customer Care Manager at Securitas, and continues:

“We needed a backbone to facilitate our journey towards becoming a unified Securitas, helping us perform in the short term and supporting a long-term development of our business. In this sense, is was important that we could execute fast, as cost-effectively as possible and with easy integration to third-party systems.”


Securitas in Action

“The right Solution Partner makes the difference”
“In SugarCRM, we found a system that meets all our requirements – it’s highly intuitive with adaptable dashboards, templates and modules to fit any process, team or profile. The platform is extremely reliable, and by enabling us to deliver personalised and customer support, the platform has become a keystone of our customer strategy with 100+ users”, says Ane Tjørnelund and points to one particular factor to explain the success:

“The right solution partner makes the difference. Our partnership with Enable Nordics has been and still is a cornerstone of our success. Implementing a new system in a business like ours is never done overnight. Going from ideas on the table to actually realising them requires a consistent balance between short-term goals and long-term visions. From the very beginning, Enable Nordics has been our trusted advisor and partner to guide us in the right direction, challenge us along the way and to keep a consistent focus on the target.”


“A unique service you won’t find anywhere else”

“Enable Nordics delivers a unique service I doubt you will find anywhere else. There is no problem they can’t solve. You are never met by a blank support line, but always in direct contact with the project managers and consultants. You are always safe in the hands of Enable Nordics, never left alone and always treated like a unique customer. This is where the partnership starts and the trust is built, and why Enable Nordics was our first choice and still is today, four years later.”


Managing the Customer Journey – next chapter in the story
The story of a new normal continues, and next in line is the Customer Journey Plugin – a Sugar plugin that helps synchronise all processes to the customer journey and strengthen customer engagements across all departments.

“What really impresses me with this new tool is how it adds a strong visual element to the Sugar platform and how the dynamic workflows infuse the customer journey directly into our sales processes. When Enable Nordics presented the tool to us, we realised that this is what we have been waiting for, and I have no doubt that it will take us to a new level on our continuous journey, Ane Tjørnelund concludes.