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For the past 100 years, Scoliosis treatment has remained largely unchanged. Specific causes are still unknown, and traditional treatment options, including rigid braces and highly invasive surgery, carry the potential for significant consequences. Enter ScoliSMART Clinics, a network of specialised clinics offering a revolutionary approach to scoliosis care for adults and children.

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Scolismart LogoTreating Scoliosis offers alternatives to scoliosis surgery when treating scoliosis of the spine in adults and children. Visit to learn more.


ScoliSMART - Customer Success Story


ScoliSMART was founded by a group of doctors who have dedicated their careers to finding a better way to successfully treat scoliosis. After years of research and testing, they developed a system of non-invasive diagnosis, treatment, and management that demonstrates a higher success rate than traditional chiropractic treatments and physical therapies. Since launching in 2007, ScoliSMART has become the most comprehensive and effective option available, helping thousands of patients worldwide to reduce and even eliminate their scoliosis.

Robb Rich is ScoliSMART’s design and web development lead responsible for marketing. He admits that finding the best way to connect potential patients with ScoliSMART doctors hasn’t always been a simple task.

“We have four clinic locations, each run by a different doctor. Beginning in 2007, we were utilizing one lead capture form on the website, and relying on email filters to deliver the contact information to the correct clinic. As things started picking up, the need for conditional delivery became necessary.” - Robb Rich, Marketing Lead.

Even after leads were captured and delivered, converting them from potential patients into actual patients still presented a challenge. ScoliSMART continued to spend their marketing budget on printing physical information packets and postage, but they weren’t seeing the return on investment that they wanted. And despite the ScoliSMART website containing a wealth of valuable information, they lacked the tools to draw leads back and track engagement, and they weren’t able to gain insights on their audience or the effectiveness of their marketing content.

Attracted by Mautic Cloud Free, Empowered by Mautic Cloud Pro

As ScoliSMART sought a new marketing tool, Robb initially hoped to find an open source platform as a means of keeping costs down. He was turned onto Mautic by a friend who was using the free, self-hosted version. After signing up for the free version himself, Robb found that the tools were very intuitive and he was quickly able to learn the basic functions and capabilities of Mautic.

But Robb didn’t want to do it all on his own, and he recognized that the expert support and training offered with the Cloud Pro version would accelerate his learning and help him start driving more business faster.

Very quickly, Robb was able to implement optimized forms on the website and get instant reports on his lead generation for each of the four clinics. Robb didn’t stop there – now he has moved ScoliSMART away from one-way, dead-end direct mail campaigns, and he has implemented a mature, sophisticated marketing approach incorporating dynamic forms and segmented nurturing campaigns.

"Before Mautic, our lead generation tool was a $300 form, so upgrading to the paid version was definitely an investment. But to us, there was obvious value in being able to automate initial interactions and allow our doctors to focus on patients instead of marketing. Over the course of my guided on-boarding, I started to see just how much I could do in this tool, and ultimately how much time and effort it would save." - Robb Rich.


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When it came time to preview Mautic Cloud Pro, Andrew was happy to see a fresh approach. Instead of trying to own each and every step, Mautic strategically partners with best-of-breed ESPs to handle email delivery. This gives Mautic the ability to focus on delivering the best automation and personalization engine possible while ensuring that customers maintain truly modern email capabilities.

Mautic also demonstrated clear capabilities and value for Andrew’s highest priority needs. Andrew wanted a tool that could capture leads along with their entire engagement history across digital properties; he wanted a tool that would enable visual creation of multi-touch, multi-channel campaigns; and he wanted a tool that could support dynamic audience segmentation and enable his team to deliver highly personalized customer experiences. Mautic was built for all of that.

RxMG made the decision to switch to Mautic. Thanks to the expert training and white-glove support from Mautic’s Customer Success team, Andrew’s team was up and running in just a couple of weeks, seamlessly connecting Mautic with their homegrown customer database, and saying goodbye to the outdated solution that had previously caused them so much frustration.

“The process was incredibly smooth, and I’d even say enjoyable. I genuinely enjoyed talking and working with their team – from the Customer Success team all the way up to their CEO who made time to meet me in person. That meant a lot.” - Andrew Clark, Founding Partner

Email continues to be a critical component for RxMG as they help their clients map effective customer journeys. And thanks to Accelerator, a proprietary innovation in Mautic Cloud Pro, RxMG is experiencing industry-leading email send speeds, regularly delivering hundreds of thousands of emails in minutes.

Andrew’s team is now implementing and launching new client accounts faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever before. Compared to their previous solution, Mautic has reduced their client setup time by 40%, and reduced their email and automation solution expense by 30%. Originally, Andrew and Rx Marketing Group set out to find a marketing tool, but instead, as Andrew says, “we found a partner.”