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Online retailer Otto has good experiences with its employee referral program from Talentry – called “triplewin” at Otto. The solution is now responsible for every tenth hire and also ensures a high quality of applicants. Additional benefit: Employee referrals enable employees to support their employer, help the company grow, win new employees and therefore actively influence the corporate culture.

Company Profile

Otto LogoWith almost seven million active customers, internet retailer Otto is Germany’s largest online retailer. The Hamburg-based company generated sales of 2.7 billion euros in the 2016/2017 financial year. The online shop offers around 2.2 million products from around 6000 brands.


  • Otto was in search of quickly gaining better access to talent pools to find people for hard-to-fill positions with ease.
  • The Talentry referral platform aims to supplement an existing analogue employee referral program by adding a digital component.
  • Otto wants to increase the quality of applicants by using its employee's private contacts and knowledge. Employees take on a filtering role. 
  • The goal is to generate 12 to 15 percent of applicants via employee referrals in the future.
  • Otto is aiming for a registration rate of 55-70% of all staff.


  • Implementation of Talentry for 3500 Otto employees, following a successful eight-month pilot phase, in April 2016 at their Hamburg campus.
  • A comprehensive communication concept encourages voluntary participation in the "triplewin" referral program (tools: posters, events and continuous email marketing).
  • New employees are informed about triplewin during onboarding.
  • From the end of 2017, single sign-on will make triplewin easier to use.
  • Planned for the future: new employees will be automatically pre-registered in triplewin.


  • Around 350 referrals per month are received via triplewin.
  • This results in more than 2,000 applications per year.
  • Higher applicant quality thanks to pre-selection by employees: 20 percent of all applications from the referral program are invited to interview (compared with 12 percent of applicants from other external recruiting channels)
  • Ten percent of all new hires at Otto are the result of referrals from employees.
  • Lower administrative outlay for applciations (important in an age of transition from an employer to an employee market).
  • Employees are able to help shape their organisation with triplewin (leads to a new understanding of their role in the company).
  • High media interest in triplewin further strenghtens the employer brand and generates more applicants.
  • Talentry and Otto win the "Human Resources Excellence Award for 2016" for "triplewin. The referral program" in the category "Group Social Media Recruiting and Active Sourcing" awarded by the Human Resources Manager journal.
  • Other subsidiaries of the Otto group are very interested in the solution. 

10% of hires at Otto are based on employee referrals

2000 applications per year are due to triplewin

20% of all applicants via Talentry are invited to interview (vs. 12% of applicants via other external channels)

350 applications per month are generated thanks to triplewin