Layer Leans on Mautic to Bridge the Marketing and Sales Handoff


Layer, customer conversation platform provider, leans on Mautic to bridge the marketing and sales handoff and improves pipeline value by 10 times.

Company Profile

Layer LogoLayer is the customer conversation platform lets you talk to your customers how and where they want to be spoken to, and as a result, do more business.  Visit to learn more.


Layer - Customer Success Story

Layer is a customer conversation platform designed to help companies in industries like retail, financial services, hospitality and more take advantage of messaging to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Customers across all industries have moved to smartphones and mobile apps as their all-encompassing experience. However, Layer sees that the way brands communicate with their customers has been stuck in the past with frustrating emails and phone calls. Layer steps in to help their clients go beyond third-party apps like Facebook Messenger to deliver branded customer conversation experiences.

As a fast-growing technology company, Layer faced challenges behind the scenes. Most notably, key stakeholders were working with a disparate set of tools making it difficult to unify the sales and marketing teams. Layer overcame that challenge by turning to Mautic as the centrepiece for these processes and a bridge for bringing data together across the organisation to improve the overall experience for their customers.

Layer Boots Revenue With The Help of Mautic

The team at Layer had prior experience with marketing automation solutions, so when they set out to select the right solution for their organisation they had a strong understanding of what they were looking for. A solution that’s easy-to-use was at the top of the list for them. They wanted to be able to move quickly with a tool that fits seamlessly into the day-to-day, and also allows for easy onboarding of new employees.

“Enterprise solutions are supposed to make things easier. I didn’t want a solution that required a PhD to use. It was very important for me to find a solution that doesn’t have a steep learning curve, but still has a lot of power and flexibility.” - Ivy Montgomery, VP of Marketing.

The right marketing automation solution for Layer also needed to check all the boxes of lead management, forms and landing pages, lead nurturing capability, lead scoring, bi-directional integration with CRM, and integration with WordPress. Layer was also looking for a business partner, not just a vendor. The onboarding, training and support services a very important factor in their decision. Mautic checks all those boxes and more.

Ivy also said, “We evaluated several marketing automation tools that were overly complex. When you’re running a lean marketing team, you need a platform that can deliver enterprise capabilities in a user-friendly package. That’s what we have now in Mautic.”

Layer selected Mautic and in less than two weeks had the solution fully deployed and their first campaigns running. It was the beginning of improving internal processes and using Mautic to improve lead management, get to the real source of truth, and keep track of secondary actions of leads.

Over time, with Mautic in place as the centerpiece for data, Layer’s pipeline of leads has actually decreased—but the value of those leads has significantly increased. Prior to having Mautic in place to automate marketing processes, Layer was spending too much time trying to find the handful of valuable prospects in a large sea of leads.

Now that Mautic is standardising data across sales and marketing teams, the sales team has a more effective way to reach out to leads and convert them into pipeline. The result is a pipeline 10x more valuable than before and a sales process capable of boosting Layer’s revenue.


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There was a time when Layer connected Salesforce directly to its website to help collect and organize leads. The problem with that approach was that every time someone filled out a form or downloaded a new white paper, Salesforce listed that person as a new lead (oftentimes creating a duplicate record). As the team grew and the go-to-market strategy evolved, this problem only got worse.

New leads were getting lost in the clutter, and leads that were re-engaging with Layer’s content were not being seen. It was very difficult to gain a clear understanding of their audience and the buyer’s journey; and near impossible to understand which marketing investments were yielding the results they were looking for. Layer recognised it was time to look for a marketing automation solution.

“In the past, we had been focused on quantity of leads. We recently made the business decision to place more value on quality of lead,” Ivy added. “The only way we would be successful with this approach would be to add marketing automation to both help handle lead processing and collect data on which activities are driving conversion of high-quality leads.” - Ivy Montgomery, VP of Marketing.

  • Automation that's easy-to-use and flexible allows the team to move and pivot quickly
  • Partnership with the customer success team helped Layer get up-and-running in 2 weeks
  • Centralising data and lead management gave Layer a 10x boost in pipeline value