Talentry Case Study Celonis

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Celonis is the fastest-growing technology company in Germany, and is looking to increase the number of its employees five-fold, from 200 to 1,000 people, by 2020. To fully exploit the recruitment potential of employee networks, Celonis updated its referral process in 2012 by using the digital referral platform, Talentry. Today, around one-quarter of Celonis’ new hires result from referrals by employees – a successful outcome for the Celonis HR team and largely due to a highly effective communications program.

Company Profile

Celonis LogoCelonis was founded in 2011 and is now a world-leading provider of process mining – using analytics to make businesses more efficient. The Celonis solution uses the digital traces left behind by every IT-supported transaction in a company and visualizes the process chain in real time. Celonis employs more than 200 people at its headquarters in Munich, Germany and has offices in the Netherlands and the United States.


  • Core areas for recruitment are development, data science and sales.
  • Experts are in demand, some with highly specialised skills; recruitment focuses on candidates with strong career potential.
  • Since Celonis was founded, employees have used their networks to promote vacancies; now, with Talentry, employee referrals are set to become a professional recruiting channel.
  • By implementing Talentry, Celonis aimed to make employee referrals generate at least 10% of all hires.


  • Talentry was implemented in 2012 with a roll out across the whole company.
  • A decision was taken in 2015 to use targeted communications to further increase the success of Talentry.
  • Talentry's referral feature was also the subject of an internal competition where employee rewards were increased and the employees with the most referrals received a bones.
  • An official reward presentation was introduced by the management team as part of internal events.
  • Success stories were actively communicated across the entire company, such as shared photos of the referring and referred employees.
  • In October 2017 the HR team welcomed a "Talentry ambassador" - someone who is primarily responsible for referrals and Talentry communications.


  • Since Talentry was introduced, around 5% to 10% of all new employees have been hired as a result of referrals via the platform.
  • Use of the platform is increasing employee motivation and creating a shift in corporate culture in terms of recruitment. There is now greater awareness of the importance of new hires and a desire to be actively involved in the future growth of Celonis.
  • Targeted Talentry-related communications that have been in place since 2015 mean there is consistent awareness of the digital platform, influencing employees both in their day-to-day activities and through internal events.
  • This new approach to recruitment is having a tangible effect on employees' referral activity. The number of submitted referrals and received applications has doubled since targeted communications were initiated.
  • Talentry's integration in new employee's onboarding process ensures that many new employees are already submitting referrals.