ThoughtWorks Have Gained a 73% Improvement in Team Collaboration using


"Thanks to, we are now able to budget our time and effort much more effectively, leading to increased operational efficiency." - Samyuktha Shivakumar, Operations Lead for Global Marketing at ToughtWorks

The challenge: Samyuktha and the Centre of Excellence (CoE) relied heavily on email communication to manage requests for services, from automation specialists to designers, that would support regional marketing teams around the world. Managing the entire CoE workflow through email was inefficient, overwhelming, and time-consuming.

The solution: Now that the entire marketing department has shifted from email communication to collaborating in, the CoE operates at maximum efficiency to support multiple campaigns. Communication between teams happens in one organised place, and team leads have full visibility into all processes, making it easier for them to plan ahead better. 

The impact has had...

  • 73% improvement on their global team collaboration
  • 62% improvement marketing assets and approvals 
  • 55% reduction on email communication
  • 41% reduction on conference calls

Office: HQ in Chicago, USA

Employees: 6,000+

Industry: Information technology and services