EnableVoIP SugarCRM Integration

Are you looking for a Telephone System that integrates with Sugar?

Integrate EnableVoIP with SugarCRM to enable users to benefit from features such as automatic popup display for all inbound and outbound calls. Automatic call logging linked to the contact file and account, click to dial and much, much more.

Essentially, the Sugar and EnableVoIP integration will provide users with the context and information they need.

When you integrate the two, your Sugar can produce a screen pop with all relevant customer information as soon as a call comes in. This allows users to focus on the call instead of looking everything up. Integrating VoIP and CRM is one of the easiest ways to boost your employees efficiency with little effort.

Link your calls to open cases/issues, or even closed cases/issues without users ever having to swap between different applications. The benefits of integrating your Sugar and VoIP can be summed up with two major takeaways:

  • Free up employees time with quicker calls and simpler tools
  • Arm employees with the necessary information to best serve a caller without any extra work on their end

Beyond that, employees can also provide activity logging and call logging directly through their handsets, headsets or mobile apps. This means employees everywhere can access information such as received, missed or answered calls; inbound or outbound calls; or customer call history.

Cutting the Cost
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Simple Sugar Click to Dial

VoIP and SugarCRM Integration

Call Popup draw directly inside Sugar

VoIP and SugarCRM Integration

Update your Sugar call notes quickly

VoIP and SugarCRM Integration

Sugar Auto Call Logging

VoIP and SugarCRM Integration

Call Recording inside Sugar

VoIP and SugarCRM Integration

Sugar Reports give you the information at your finger tips

VoIP Integration SugarCRM

All tyes of reports can be displayed to Sugar dashboards

EnableVoIP and SugarCRM

Compare users and call statistics

EnableVoIP and SugarCRM