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Open Marketing Automation Means Easy Integration

Today's marketing technology stack is more complicated than ever, and deriving value from all the disparate pieces is challenging and expensive. Built in the age of modern marketing, enable mautic is the only open marketing automation solution that easily plugs into the tools in your environment, gives you full ownership over your data and has the flexibility to change with your business. The result is unparalleled use of the data across all of your systems to maximise communications to your audience in the way they want to hear from you.

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Creating a personalised experience for your audience is no longer an insurmountable goal. enable mautic gives marketing teams unrivalled flexibility to create the simplest to the most elaborate multi-channel campaigns. Couple that with dynamic content within messages and on your website, and in a few simple steps you can take a smarter approach to your communications, be more creative and drive deeper relationships with your customers.

Mautic ScreenshotPainless Campaign Execution for Your Entire Team

Marketing automation doesn't have to be the necessary evil that creates more pain than joy. With enable mautic, it's easier than ever to build email nurture campaigns, personalise messages, execute A/B tests and measure results. It simplifies marketing automation for everyone on your team, eliminating the need for dedicated, certified staff to execute your campaigns. As a result your team will be able to launch campaigns in minutes, not days, leaving more time to focus on the important milestones for reaching your goals. 



Mautic | Marketing Automation

Build smarter campaigns – and build them faster – with marketing automation that’s quick to learn, simple to use, and easy to iterate.

Enable Technologies are the creators of Enable Mautic, and provide and specialise in the development, training and hosting of Mautic. Our range of expert services are designed to work with you, supporting and accelerating every stage of the implementation cycle, from installation and planning, through customisation and deployment, to training and integration. We also offer Helpdesk and Support services, making sure you are not left with a system that does not work for you. Together, all of these services make up Enable Mautic.

Behind every installation is a team of experts whose primary motivation is to improve your marketing automation and digital strategy. Combining industry know-how with our pragmatic and out-come driven methodology, we help clients achieve success.