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We’ve been a Sugar partner since 2004, back when it was an open-source application. Since then, we’ve learned all of the functionality that comes with the CRM so we can use it in-house and support our clients. 

Whether you’ve purchased Sugar directly, through another partner or from us, we have a range of training services on offer to you and your business. 

Learn about our Sugar training cover

Our certified Sugar team have been assisting with Sugar for several years; taking your level of knowledge, your team size, your industry, your system specifics, and your pain points into account, and then working with this to create outstanding training sessions.

Basic Admin Training 

During this session, you will gain an overview of Sugar, covering:

  • User management 
  • Teams 
  • Password management
  • Basic system settings 
  • Inbound email
  • Email archiver 
  • Basic studio
  • Simple workflows
  • Product catalogue
Advanced Admin Training

After the basic admin training, you can choose to take on our advanced admin session. This includes:

  • PDF manager overview 
  • Advanced studio
  • Advanced process definitions
  • Module builder 
  • Rename modules
  • Basic reporting
End-user Training

During this training, you will be shown:

  • How to log in 
  • Change your settings and password 
  • Use the module bar and navigation 
  • Discover how to create and work with records 
  • Guides to searching 
  • Information on homepage dashboards and dashlets
Reports Training

Learn how to create, export and schedule reports, as well as how to add them to your dashboard.

Bespoke Training for Sugar

If there’s a specific function of Sugar that you want training on, our bespoke packages are the best option. We’ll spend time listening to your pain points and requirements, to learn how we can best assist you.

Where will training take place?

We offer both remote and on-site training, depending on your preference. 

Our online training is very engaging and quicker to set up, making it a popular choice for most clients. It can also be recorded, meaning you and your colleagues can go back to it at a later date if you want a refresher! 

Why buy training through enable.services?

We are a trusted SugarCRM partner, having trained a variety of clients from different industries on the platform. 

With over 18 years of CRM experience, we know what we’re doing when it comes to software – not only that, we’re good listeners. We won’t waste your time by training you on things that aren’t relevant to your business and we understand that you’ll want to get value for money. Therefore, when it comes to supporting our clients, we’ll always make the training session bespoke to their needs. 

How much does Sugar training cost?

Cost can vary based on the number of hours you’ll need and the level of training.

If you’d like to speak to a Sugar specialist about your training requirements, please call us on 01473 618980 or email us on sales@enable.services