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Sugar is renowned for being one of the most customisable CRM platforms on the market. That’s why our dedicated team of Sugar developers is ready to build a bespoke system for you and your business.

Feature requests on Sugar

As one of the primary users of your new Sugar platform, you’ll become an expert in navigating your system. Therefore, if you feel a particular process can be streamlined for efficiency, then we want to hear your ideas and help you find the solution.

Our process is a simple one:

  • After you request a feature, we will raise an audit on your behalf – this is where our product manager will confirm the details of the request, including the time it will take and the cost.
  • You’ll be sent a formal quote outlining what work will be done. Upon acceptance of your payment our projects team will then schedule this work to be completed.
  • You’ll be given a personal mailbox for project-related queries, as well as your own dedicated project manager. After the Sugar development work is completed, it is tested thoroughly before being handed over to you and your team to test.
  • Upon your approval, your new feature will be deployed onto your system at a time that suits you.

Your bespoke Sugar design

Although Sugar is an incredibly intuitive and powerful out-of-the-box system, our clients often need something that’s slightly more tailored to their specific business operations.

With Sugar – and our fantastic development team – we can create a CRM platform that is specific to you and your business needs. 

Visit our Sugar implementation page to find out more about customising your software.

Sugar Integrations

If you’re looking to centralise even more of your operations with Sugar’s integration capabilities, you may want to integrate external systems and software. Our Sugar development team are experts in creating seamless workflows between almost any platform.

Sugar has a REST API – which sounds very technical, but it’s essentially a way to extend a system’s functionality and allow either humans or machines to perform additional functions. This means, for us, that our development team is able to create seamless workflows between almost any platform.

Sugar Add-ons

If we believe a particular feature will benefit our customers, our Sugar development team will design and create add-ons to make these features accessible. These are custom Sugar developments that are bundled into packages and made available on SugarOutfitters.

Learn more about our available add-ons and discover our top 10 favourites!

Sugar Portals

Our Sugar development team can create bespoke portals to sync seamlessly with your Sugar system.

These portals allow customers, clients, external employees, contractors and more to record, upload and relay information without needing direct access to your Sugar system.

For example, if part of your sales process is for customers to upload documents, they can do this directly via your portal where they’ll then be able to track their purchase information.

Portals are secured by authenticating logins against the contacts within your Sugar system – once inside they are only given access to the records they are associated with. This, however, can be customised to allow or restrict the information that is shown. 

Additionally, if our customers request a feature that we consider to be a benefit to all our clients, we’ll add this feature to their portal. This ensures we are providing all our clients with the most up-to-date tools to enhance their business operations.

If you’d like to discuss our Sugar development, please contact us.