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When it comes to marketing automation there’s no room for disasters or delays. That’s why, when you need support, our dedicated GoCampaign experts are on hand to help.

Our plans all include our UK support.

Marketing Automations that work for you

Our highly-skilled team of UK-based GoCampaign support agents is situated in and amongst our other teams – including project, sales and customer success – allowing them to truly get to know you and your business from the very beginning of your journey. 

They’ll work with your account manager to understand your system and any configurations made. That way, they’ll save you time when investigating and resolving any issues.

GoCampaign Support

Your GoCampaign service-level agreement

We know your time is precious, that’s why we’ll get you back to business in no time! 

With our case priority system and service-level agreements, we follow a structured approach to supporting your GoCampaign platform that keeps your business’ operations at the forefront of everything we do.

But how? 

With our support team by your side, we’ll give you:

  • Quick and efficient resolution times
  • Screen shares and video calls to provide an in-depth understanding
  • Regular updates and explanations
  • Email confirmations of cases raised and closed
  • Dedicated case owners

GoCampaign resources and documentation

Along with our support team, we also have a wealth of resources and documentation for you to use whenever you need it. Also, any online training you have with us will be recorded to refer back to it at any point.

Contact us today to learn more about our GoCampaign support.