Mautic Training Specialists
Our team use Mautic on a daily basis and offer training in deployment, implementation and workflows with the open source marketing automation platform that is Mautic.


Our training specialists can provide international training sessions for your team at your premises, in our classroom, online, or at a venue of your choice. The only requirement is that there is an internet connection available.
All training sessions will be bespoke to your Mautic, so you can be sure that your users will be trained on how to use the system they will be using on daily basis, rather than a generic system which bears no resemblance to what they will be using in their day to day role.

Course content and an agenda will be agreed based on your needs and usage of the system. We will not waste your time by training you on aspects of the system that you have no intention of using and which do not fit your business needs.
Training sessions can be broken down into timeframes that suit you, targeting certain individuals with similar roles, or delivering a standard course across your organisation.

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If you are unable to free up an entire day for your training, why not take advantage of our online training sessions? More than just a ‘click and watch’ video, these sessions are run by our training specialists live over the Internet so, should you have a question about something covered, or want to have something explained in further detail, you can interact in real-time.

Our Online courses have been designed to fit into hourly sections, enabling you to free up the relevant users for a smaller portion of time.

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There is often no better way to ensure that you fully grasp what is being taught than to have someone face-to-face explaining things, in terminology that you understand and that is appropriate to your business.

If you do not have suitable premises available for the training, or wish to take the training away from the workplace, we offer classroom training at our own facilities in Martlesham Heath. This is accessible via mainline railway or car, and within 80 miles of central London. We can give your training in a relaxed environment away from the hustle and bustle of your daily office environment. This allows trainees to focus solely on the job in hand, whilst minimising the risk of distraction or interruption from outside forces, enabling them to absorb the course content more efficiently.