Social Media Marketing

Social media networks provide fantastic opportunities to connect with contacts and potential customers. Businesses who recognise the importance of social media and how to use these networks to form relationships will find Mautic’s integrations top of the line. In addition, Mautic allows developers to add any additional networks they choose.
Any social network with an API can be integrated into Mautic quickly and easily. Businesses love Mautic’s social integrations.

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Social Monitoring

It's possible to add contacts to Mautic through monitoring Twitter for mentions and hashtags.

Custom Field Mapping

A contacts Twitter handle, Instagram name and Facebook URL can all be stored directly against the contact. Information from social profiles can be pulled into their Mautic profile via custom field mapping with information such as location, website URL or place of work.

Direct Tweet

You can directly tweet a contact from within Mautic, with the option to insert their twitter handle, a link to an asset or a landing page.