Marketing automation uses forms to gather information from leads and contacts. Mautic lets businesses create functional and custom forms easily through the integrated form builder. These forms provide key information to submit rates and result summaries, and also allow for submit actions that can be managed with in the form or within a campaign.

All of these resources work together create a personal profile on each contact tailored to their interests and needs and provide businesses with relevant information for building a strong profile.

Forms can be embeded into emails, landing pages and CMS platforms. Forms provide a means for direct interaction with potential customers, clients, and contacts. Forms can be created as;

Campaign Form These forms are forms you will use to collect information as a basis for a campaign. What this means is that the actions you want to associate with this form are handled by the campaign the form is associated with. Your actions will be defined in the campaign builder as part of your overall campaign workflow.
Standalone Form The second type of marketing form, a standalone form, is one where you are simply wanting to collect visitor information for your marketing automation platform but then trigger a set of immediate actions to occur. In this case you would want to perform some set of actions a single time immediately upon form submission.
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Kiosk Mode

Form submissions will not generate new contact tracking cookies or assign the Ip address to the created/updated contact.

Custom Submit Actions

Submit actions that can be definied within the form itself allowing for instant notification of form submissions and details. Successful Submit Actions that also direct the contact to either a custom landing page, display a thank you message, or allow them to remain at the form.

Unlimited Fields

An unlimited amount of fields that can be mapped to any related field on a contacts profile. Hidden fields, tick boxes and dropdown menus are all available.