Mautic is more than better, easier, cheaper. It’s different. Developed in the age of modern marketing, it’s a product of the evolution beyond just websites and email marketing. Mautic is changing the way marketers reach their buyers, enabling them to automate omni-channel and multi-channel communications at scale.

Pace Of Innovation

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Although Mautic is only a few years old, it has very quickly become a fully-featured marketing automation platform that excels at the basics of lead management, automated emails, and website tracking while offering advanced capabilities like dynamic content and personalisation all built in. That’s a credit to the open source community, combined with Mautic’s commercial business applying agile development principles and rolling out product enhancements every two weeks.

Multi-Channel Communications

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Getting through the noise and delivering your message to your buyers is as challenging as ever. It’s nearly impossible to rely on only one communication channel to be effective at reaching your audience. Buyers - especially for B2B companies - are not only more sophisticated in consuming information, they have more distinct preferences on how they consume that information.

Today’s sophisticated marketing teams are creating programs and automated campaigns that can personalise messages across channels including email, web, mobile, social, and SMS. Mautic’s modern platform provides that functionality through a single, easy-to-use interface for anyone on the marketing team to easily create and execute multi-channel campaigns.

Product Development

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Mautic’s approach to design and development has enabled the collective work of the community and commercial teams deliver functionality to the market faster than any other solutions on the market. Not only do customers benefit from Mautic’s modern approach to delivering functionality that is core to their day-to-day operations, they also benefit from the modern API framework that allows for an endless number of integrations and easy plugins. There are already over 35 integrations available today and the list is growing fast.

Although Mautic is relatively new to the world of marketing automation, the solution has evolved quickly. The pace of innovation is not slowing down anytime soon. That’s why 100,000 organisations rely on Mautic today to solve the challenges they’re faced with today, not what the challenges of a decade ago. Mautic has brought the future of marketing automation to the forefront and next frontier is about building smarter campaigns, faster.