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We take great pride and in working with, and supporting the causes of, our non-profit customers.

We are proud to help all types of businesses, big and small; however, the non-profit sector does hold a special place in our hearts. From our humble beginnings, we have enabled charities and social enterprises to grow – from one person’s idea to them having a vast team of people working for them and organising massive fundraising events – enriching the wider community.

Save an enormous amount of time

You may have heard the terminology, ‘360-degree view’ of a customer, donor or volunteer. We can assist create this more holistic approach that will evolve your business in so many ways. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one we can use, the successes achieved with CRM and are astounding. Not only can you save an enormous amount of time, you can make the customer feel special and not just another number, but a human you care about. It’s the little things, like personalising correspondence with them and the larger things like delivering exceptional customer service, every time. This customer-centric approach is at the heart of many successful businesses and non-profit organisations, and it makes sense to value and build trust with these people who support you. Cultivating meaningful relationships – when customer service is delivered well, customer retention percentages increase.

Did you know

Non-profit organisations still have some of the same requirements to sales, service and marketing; we’re here to guide, support, design, build and configure your software and help make the solutions your own.


User-friendly reporting powers

Another great asset we can assist you with is epic, user-friendly reporting powers. Not only will this help with financial forecasting, marketing planning and comprehensive insights, but it’s also all easily accessible on the go and from the office. Resulting in evidence-based decisions, to help your company succeed and less likely to miss opportunities. Enhance your marketing and event planning choices by being in the know.

With, we will empower you to save the most precious commodity of all, time. Allowing you to do more of what you love.

Highly recommended, caring team

It gives me huge pleasure to highly recommend them, more importantly, they are simply wonderful people too, each one really caring about the work they do.

Gina Long MBE Founder
Highly recommended, caring team
Skyla Grimble - Customer Success & Marketing Assistant

Skyla Grimble - Customer Success & Marketing Assistant

Being part of our Customer Success team means that I work hard to ensure everything related to your account is managed efficiently. I’m here for any queries, questions, or just a general chat – including organising renewals. I also arrange charity events on behalf of – allowing me to have fun with colleagues whilst raising money for causes that we love.

Find out more about Skyla