O2 are 30% more efficient at delivering campaigns with monday.com


Tye Rapley-Hawkins, Head of Delivery, O2 Priority Telefonica says "my department delivers hundreds of campaigns to millions of customers every day. With monday.com, we're 30% more efficient at delivering those campaigns."

The challenge: Tye's department works with short lead times to deliver engaging, multimedia content to more than 3 million active customers on the Priority loyalty app. They relied heavily on whiteboards, spreadsheets, and email to plan, manage, and track all of their campaigns. Working this way created unnecessary discrepancies and human error, adding additional anxiety to an already stressful environment.

The solution: With monday.com, O2 runs campaigns with greater speed and efficiency. Tye created new workflow apps and added useful automations that have significantly reduced the chance of human error and discrepancies. Now, the team has complete visibility into the entire campaign delivery process, eliminating data silos and improving collaboration. 

The impact...

  • 30% increase in delivery efficiency
  • 600 hours time saved within the department, per month
  • 3 weeks to implement across the department
  • +27 workflow apps now in use

Company: O2

Office: HQ in Berkshire UK

Employees: 120, 000+

Industry: Telecom

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