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In response to many of the changes faced in today’s world, companies globally have changed their ways of working. However, your standard of communication (both internal and external) should not have to suffer. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a flexible telephone system that allows you to work from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Our VoIP solution starts at just 1p per call tariff, giving you all the features and more of a traditional phone system at just a fraction of the cost.

No hardware required

Setting up and configuring hardware can be tricky when you’re working from an office, let alone remotely. 

However, with our VoIP solution, you don’t need a traditional phone handset.

With just the device you use to work on, you can collaborate seamlessly with your teammates and connect with clients through VoIP.

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Guaranteed reliability and quality with VoIP, always

Traditional phone systems come with quality and reliability issues; especially when your team is working from home or in different places. Unreliable phone lines can damage important relationships and obstruct key conversations.

VoIP calls are always clear and consistent, with the highest standard of security – our systems are hosted in our ISO-certified network.

Get all information at a glance with a VoIP and CRM integration

When your staff are working in different places, it’s crucial that each team member has access to the information they need quickly and easily.

So, by integrating our VoIP solution with a Customer Relationship Management platform, you can ensure that your team will have everything they need at the click of a button.

Integrating VoIP with CRM also brings new features and functionalities, for example:
  • Call manager – log calls with one click, see who’s calling before you pick up, and see colleagues’ extensions easily.
  • Detailed reporting – enhance your oversights; see who’s calling who, the time it takes to pick up inbound calls, and more key metrics.

Pairing our VoIP softphone app with CRM apps means that your employees can always access their information; whether they’re onsite, with customers, or on the road.

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Blocked calls - VoIP

Virtual receptionists allow for quick and easy call management

When you’re not physically with your team, transferring and managing calls can be hard – it’s tricky to see who’s available and who is engaged.

With VoIP, the virtual receptionist features give you the ability to see your teammates’ statuses, no matter where they are – you can even see who they’re on the phone to.

Give your team the flexibility they need to achieve outstanding results no matter where they’re working.

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