Why monday.com is the perfect project planning tool

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Every project manager will know how important it is to keep projects organised and managed carefully, right down to the very last detail. You need to keep your eyes on everything while ensuring that each process is executed to the highest standard. It can be tricky when you don’t have the right tools for the job. So, to make sure you’re planning and carrying out your projects in the best way possible, you need something that’s flexible, dynamic, and intuitive. That’s why monday.com is such a popular project planning tool.

monday.com is a flexible work operating system (work OS) that drives communication, collaboration, and organisation.

What can you manage with monday.com as a project planning tool?
  • Project progress
  • Budget
  • Resource allocation
  • Task assignments
  • Risks
  • Client feedback
  • Results

Our in-house projects team (you can meet our team here if you like!) have been using monday.com as their project planning tool for years. Why? Because it works seamlessly, every single time.

Whether you’re a single-person team or a key player in a larger group, monday.com makes managing every project element a breeze. As a project planning tool, it allows you to communicate, collaborate, organise, monitor, and analyse all in one place.

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A project planning tool that provides easy communication and collaboration

One of the top reasons that monday.com is so popular as a project planning tool is because it allows for a closer and more transparent client relationship.

In a projects setting, this means your clients can communicate with your project managers as and when they need to. This can be giving feedback, letting them know that different phases of the project can begin, or asking any questions or queries.

monday.com project planning tool

Not only does this remove long, complicated email threads, but it also gives your client an overview of their project, which will build a huge level of trust between you. This will then allow a smoother project execution with a very satisfied customer.

Work as a team with monday.com as your project planning tool

If you’re managing a team, monday.com is perfect for allowing team members to communicate how they’re progressing within your overall project. You can set customisable statuses for each project task, so if one of your colleagues needs some assistance, has completed their task, or is running a little late in starting it, you can be there to assist right away.

It’ll give you a complete overview of how a project is running. It also allows you to make strategic decisions based on the data presented in front of you.

Columns you can add to your monday.com board to create a perfect project planning tool:
  • Status – know which tasks have been completed, which are in progress, and which need attention. You can customise the status labels completely
  • Date – plan exactly when tasks need to be started and finished, right down to the hour
  • People – assign board members to each task or sub-item for a full overview of team activity
  • Email – communicate freely and easily with clients and colleagues by having your emails archived against the relevant records
Did you know? monday.com has pre-made project planning tool templates, so you can set up and use the system quickly and easily. Or, if you need one that’s a little more bespoke – that’s what we’re here for!
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Automate your project updates with monday.com

Automation should be a key element in your project planning tool. It removes the manual element of emailing colleagues to provide information, kicking off manual processes, changing and updating data; all of those tasks that slow you down throughout the day. Luckily, we have lots of experience in automation, and that’s a core feature of monday.com.

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A common automation that our project managers use is when a certain date arrives, a task’s status is changed to ‘needs completing’ and is assigned to one of our developers. As a result, the developer is then sent a customised email notification to let them know what they need to do. This ensures that there is no room for human error and allows the project plan to run seamlessly.

You can even schedule automated emails to go out to your client as each project milestone is completed.

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monday.com gantt chart

A project planning tool with intuitive and visual views

Your project planning tool should allow you to view your projects in a clear way, giving you an instant overview of all progress.

The Kanban view means you’re able to move elements of your project around in a flexible way, and the Gantt chart view provides a professional and intuitive guide to what needs to be done and when.

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