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With the pace of business, it can be hard to keep up with the many tasks required to ensure a successful Google Ads campaign.

As a result, it is easy to fall behind and miss important deadlines. Even great marketers need help staying organised, and monday.com’s powerful integration with Google Ads provides just that.

Getting started with the Google Ads integration

The first step to begin using the Google Ads integration is to install the Google Ads manager template onto your account. This template comes ready-made with the app pre-installed, and you must use it alongside the app for it to work correctly!

How to add the app and template to your account:

  • Go to the monday.com apps marketplace and find the Google Ads application.
  • Add the app and template to your account, select it, click “Use app” and finally click “Add to Workspace”.
  • Select the specific workspace in your account to which you’d like to have the Google Ads template added and then click on the blue “Add feature” button.
Google Ads campaign manager template

Google Ads campaign management board

After installing Google Ads to your monday.com account, open up the new Campaign Management Board and explore your new way of tracking your campaign analytics!

Google Ads campaign management board

How is the board structured?

  • Each item represents a specific campaign.
  • Groups help to categorise the items according to the status of each campaign.
  • Columns help to map out and display all the details for each campaign.
  • Subitems help to display ad group data for each campaign.

Sync your campaign information

Syncing your campaign information from Google Ads into your monday.com Google Ads Campaign Management board is a simple and streamlined process!

Follow these easy steps below to connect now:

  • Select an item and click on the ‘Google Ads Management’ tab.
  • Click on ‘Connect’, select your account, and complete your Google Ads account authentication.
  • Once you’ve finalised the connection between monday.com and Google Ads, select the account for this board.
Sync your Google Ads campaign information

Campaign metrics

Want to see how everything’s doing all in one place? Analyse and compare campaign results to pivot your strategy, influence your next campaign, and stay aligned with business goals. 

The Google Ads integration makes viewing your campaigns in an interactive and detailed graph easy. To view the various metrics for each of your specific campaigns, click on a campaign on your board, open the Google Ads app, and click on ‘metrics’. You then can click any of the metrics at the bottom, such as clicks, impressions, or costs. To give yourself a clear overview you can choose to add multiple metrics at once to display them all together on your graph. 

Benefits of the Google Ads integration:

With monday.com and Google Ads, you can deliver campaigns you’re proud of. The integration will benefit your marketing processes by:

  • Streamlining your marketing from the planning to optimisation
  • You’ll be able to launch campaigns instantly and seamlessly
  • Create transparency across your team with the ability to see your entire process in one place
  • Identify and better convert your leads
  • Always stay informed and on-time preventing missed opportunities

monday.com makes it easy to see the complete picture of your Google Ads campaign in real-time. With the platform, you can plan, launch, and manage your campaigns all in one place. Plus, you can easily view statuses and metrics at a glance, making monday.com the perfect tool for streamlining your marketing process. 

So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about the Google Ad integration.