The top 4 priorities for marketers in 2022

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Planning and preparing for 2022 is going to be extremely important in what will most likely be a very interesting year. In the early days of the pandemic, it was hard to know what to prioritise. However, going into 2022, we can use our knowledge and experience, along with the right tools, to prioritise the correct things that will drive overall success.

Keeping teams motivated and efficient

With uncertainty regarding work environments, it’s important to keep your team collaborating seamlessly, as they would in the office.

Investing in technology makes it easy for your team to thrive in terms of both motivation and efficiency. 

80% of marketing teams who had access to technologies such as online video conferencing, team chat platforms, VPNs, and remote management project software credited them with not just maintaining their efficiency whilst working from home but also increasing it.

A Work OS combines a lot of the technology needed to work from home, as well as collaborating with those able to be in an office. It removes the need to spend hours upon hours on Zoom as well as the unnecessarily long email threads – instead, you have a centralised place to communicate and collaborate. 

Giving your team the right tools helps them to stay motivated in every project – try’s Work OS now.

Scaling requires:
  • Recruiting talent with the necessary skills and experience
  • Managing budget to fund recruitment and development
  • Investing in technology that streamlines, centralises, and aligns workflows

Scaling and growing without compromise

As we have now learnt how to navigate the world during an ongoing pandemic, we can focus once again on scaling and growing in the next year. allows you to manage recruitment right from posting the job ad all the way to onboarding the new hire. You can also manage budgets with formula columns and currency columns.

Improving flexibility

Organisations all over the world have learnt, more than anything, that they must be flexible. Marketing teams that want to stay ahead must be able to pivot quickly without compromising quality.

Need to reimagine a marketing campaign? Recreate a core brand message? Redefine a strategy? It’s easy with a Work OS. You can speed an idea along from imagination to execution in record time.

Prioritising and delegating

Prioritising tasks is one of the most important parts of a succesful project. Without task prioritisation, your team is either frozen in place or aimlessly checking boxes and completing tasks that may or may not add up to something shippable.

It empowers your team to stay on track free of micromanagement, and as the project manager, you get to deliver projects in scope, within budget, and on time. What more could you ask for?

Nothing helps you prioritise your task list quite like creating a master list of all your tasks and breaking them down into smaller chunks that individuals and small teams can easily handle. With‘s work OS, you can easily list out each task, assign them to the relevant person, and add in any of the details that help.

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