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Managing your company’s marketing efficiently is vital to success. Without a place to collaborate, communicate, and organise campaigns, key metrics can be missed, and detailed insight can be lost. That’s where a marketing solution steps in. In particular, the marketing solution. offers a centralised platform to manage every aspect of your marketing. With customisation, integration, and automation, your system can be completely bespoke to your business.

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We can help you every step of the way – from planning out business processes to training and customer success.

What can you manage with the marketing solution?
  • Campaigns
  • Events and webinars
  • Content creation
  • Social media
  • Creative production
  • Strategic planning
  • Objectives and key results (OKRs)
  • Email marketing marketing solution

Demonstrate your team’s impact with the marketing solution

Visualise your most important data easily with the marketing solution. With different views and charts available, you can identify bottlenecks in real-time and showcase your team’s success.

With the Chart View, you can see an overview of your boards. For example, how many marketing projects are in progress against how many are completed.

The marketing solution offers various columns that allow for extensive customisation. The time-tracking column means that if you’re charging an external client by the hour, you have easy access to that information.

Or, if you’re looking to plan and improve resource management, this column provides a detailed understanding of the time it takes to complete each task.

You can also use columns within the marketing solution to track expenses. This is a crucial element of marketing management, and it’s made so much easier with the Numbers column. You can see what you’re spending at a glance. You can then report on them in real-time, with just a few clicks.

The Calendar View gives you an easy overview of what’s happening, when. Whether it’s tasks, campaigns, social media posts, or projects, the marketing solution can help you to visualise your marketing over time. plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is a hugely popular tool for any marketer – and so, integrating it with makes it even more powerful.

This integration means that you can truly focus on your brief without having to switch platforms to find key information. It enhances the marketing solution to provide you and your team with a centralised platform for all things creative.

You can refer to and access project briefs alongside your Creative Cloud apps, ensuring you’re creating consistently accurate designs. Syncing your information between both apps allows your tasks and your timelines to work together seamlessly.

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With the marketing solution, you can:
  • See design updates at a glance
  • Update and amend task statuses directly within Creative Cloud apps
  • Give and receive real-time feedback quickly and easily
  • Get notifications for the milestones that matter most

Integrate your everyday marketing tools 

Along with the powerful Adobe Creative Cloud plugin for, there are various platforms that you can connect with your marketing solution.

What marketing tools can you integrate with the marketing solution?
  • Facebook Ads
  • HubSpot
  • LinkedIn
  • MailChimp
  • SurveyMonkey
  • TypeForm

Creating an all-in-one marketing hub with your favourite tools will allow you to create quality content; consistently.

The ready-made integration recipes mean that you can quickly synchronise your other platforms with

For example, with the Facebook Ads integration, you can ensure that each campaign is synced to an item in your board.

Share your marketing with internal and external guests

With the marketing solution, you can choose who has visibility to your marketing activity.

If you’re a marketing agency, you can easily add your clients to boards to show them exactly where their campaign is and how it is performing. They can work with you within, so you can ensure that their requirements are being met every step of the way.

You can also use the marketing solution to align your marketing with other departments.

Are you launching a new product? Add in your Sales and Product teams to your board so they can see exactly how the new product’s messaging will be conveyed.
Similarly, you could also add directors or management, so they can always have oversight of the organisation’s marketing.

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Use pre-made marketing templates to get started with a few clicks

In such a fast-paced world where being proactive is key, time can be limited. Your marketing team needs time to keep up to date with trends and keep on top of upcoming deadlines.

To make this easier for you, you can find an array of free marketing board templates ready for use.

For example, these include creative request boards, social media planners, email marketing boards, marketing task planners, A/B testing boards, high-level marketing budget boards, blog planners, and event planning boards.

Manage your marketing with the marketing solution

If you’ve got a system, but you’re unsure of how to set it up, we’re here to help. We offer professional services such as configuration, training, and guidance to help you hit the ground running.

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Or, if you’re looking to get started with, you can start a free trial here. We’re here to help every step of the way.

We can advise you on what’s truly best for you and your business, taking into account your processes, your requirements, and your nice-to-haves.