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In a busy IT work environment, it can be challenging to manage all of your daily projects. That’s where comes in – manage all of your IT operations within one centralised place. Streamline, simplify and improve the services that your team delivers to your customers. The IT management solution helps you get more work done through organised and automated boards.

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We partnered with in 2017 because we believe that the software can help any industry manage projects and provide outstanding customer experiences. We help our customers get set up with quickly and efficiently, ensuring that they’re using their system to the absolute best! No matter what question or query you may have, our customer success team are here to assist you.

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Onboard new employees quickly and smoothly

Our IT management solution allows you to create customisable forms that gives new employees an easy way of submitting their IT requests. For example, you can have a form for your employees’ requests and a separate form for your customers’ requests. Having is sure to set a great first impression for your new employees because it offers them a centralised place to talk to their colleagues and create a list of IT tasks that they can start working on. As your new employees get used to using an IT management system, they will live and breathe project tracking and working to deadlines through the helpful column features that offers.

Increase work visibility

Track all of your employees’ projects within a cross-team, collaborative platform. Stay connected with everyone and ensure that all orders are being worked on efficiently and correctly. Implement new systems, coordinate requirements with stakeholders, and integrate your work with other useful apps. Link your project progress with dependencies and ensure your resources are effectively utilised. Easily share boards within your IT management solution with external guests and customers so that they can stay up to date with their projects.

Maintain a strong relationship with suppliers

Storing your supplier information in one place is vital to running smooth processes. Our IT management solution allows you to access supplies at the right time, in the right place, and at the right price. It also gives you the functionality to track requirements, manage contracts and check on deliveries.

Manage every step of the IT process

The IT management solution ensures that you have a clear view of every stage of your projects. Not only are you able to manage IT requests, but you can also keep track of the price and order status, ensuring that nothing goes wrong or is forgotten. makes it easy to follow up on maintenance requests and utilise your assets properly.

The IT management solution that is completely secure and fully compliant doesn’t just cover your minimal security features; it offers compliance certifications, audit logs, SSO, session management and account permissions. 

We believe in putting our customers at the heart of everything we do; therefore, we look after your data and your system as if it’s our own. 

We pride ourselves on offering the ultimate customer experience

Whether you’re a Managing Director, IT Manager or IT Consultant, we can help you build a platform that works for you and all of your employees. 

Our professional services team are here for you and your every need. We’ll design, architect, build and implement a bespoke work operating system and then onboard and train your users for full system adoption.