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Looking for a government CRM can be difficult due to tendering processes, ensuring that the system is fully compliant, and above all, meeting and exceeding requirements. 

SugarCRM is a platform able to be built upon, giving you an ever-evolving system that supports growth, innovation, and efficiency. It boasts different elements for sales, services, and marketing, giving you a fully integrated system for all of your needs. 

For government organisations, it’s perfect; it streamlines and automates processes with ease.

government crm has extensive experience in working with government organisations, making it easy for you to get started with your CRM.

We are registered on the G-Cloud 12, the UK Government Crown Commercial Service (CCS), a procurement framework that provides public sector organisations with a straightforward and compliant way to purchase government-approved cloud-based services. 

View us on the UK Government Crown Commercial Service.

Get a 360-degree view of all stakeholders

Customer Relationship Management platforms are a great way to get a full overview of all contacts, suppliers, partners, distributors, citizens, and other key stakeholders.

SugarCRM does this in a clear, visual way, allowing you to see all details whenever you need them.

You can track all communication, which improves visibility for the organisation and also creates a centralised place for all data. This means that emails, calls, meetings, and engagements can be logged automatically. 

SugarCRM lets you see any contact’s marketing activity and engagement with automatic lead scoring, which then uses artificial intelligence to make accurate predictions. 

Use a government CRM that improves collaboration

SugarCRM makes working with your colleagues easy; it has comprehensive workflows and collaboration features to improve coordination among departments.

It removes the need for long email chains or meetings; instead, you can see everything you need all in its relevant place.

Learn more about SugarCRM by downloading our free overview whitepaper.

Use advanced reporting for key insights

SugarCRM’s reporting abilities are unmatched – that’s why SugarCRM is a powerful government CRM.

Not only can you create detailed, comprehensive reports, but you can also view them in a visual way with SugarCRM’s intuitive dashboards. Whether you’re looking to allocate resources more effectively, track citizen responses, or reduce spending, you can view your data in a way that makes it easily improvable.

You can quickly identify problems or issues, allowing you and your team to be proactive and prepared

SugarCRM can allow you to:
  • Automatically route requests, cases, and support needs to the appropriate person or team depending on time restraints, priority, or category 
  • Easily configure workflows to update records when related information is changed
  • Forecast for the future with seamless artificial intelligence

Automate your processes

In any organisation, automation saves time and improves efficiency. SugarCRM’s automated capabilities give government organisations the time back they need to focus on the tasks that matter, leaving mundane, manual procedures to the platform.

SugarCRM’s automation streamlines processes and procedures, transforming CRM in the public sector.

Did you know? 60% of all occupations have at least 30% technically automatable activities.

Organise your emergency response management with our government CRM

A government CRM should have powerful emergency response management features to let you proactively respond to high-priority matters.

SugarCRM’s solutions allow you to send out mass communication via email, SMS, and social media quickly and easily. 

You can capture critical information from each communication and track responses to improve future procedures, along with managing readiness and capability.

Integrated VoIP telephone systems mean that your teams can organise calls in the most efficient way.

Learn more about how we’ve helped government organisations and discuss your requirements with our specialists.