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The energy industry is changing, and in order for your organisation to stay one step ahead, you need the right tools in place. It’s time for energy companies to reassess their existing customer base and understand new customers.

Approximately 400,00 customers switch providers every month, and so you need to ensure that you are providing value and nurturing at every step. Your service needs to be quick, efficient, and reliable, whilst keeping costs to a minimum and using data as a driver for decision-making.

With the right energy CRM, you can do this with ease. In fact, CRM will do it for you.

SugarCRM is a CRM platform designed to make keeping up with an ever-evolving industry easy. Its range of features is perfect for energy companies looking to improve their sales, marketing, services, and operations; all in one centralised place.

We’ve put together a list of what your energy CRM should do and how SugarCRM facilitates that. Read on to learn more; or, book in a free consultation with our CRM specialists

Generate and manage leads and customers with Sugar’s energy CRM

With the energy industry being undoubtedly one of the most competitive, lead management is crucial. Without proper organisation, you’re likely to lose out on potential sales.

When you manage your leads efficiently, you are providing them with value, building key relationships, and understanding their needs better than your competitors. Your response times will be quicker, and their journey with you will be smoother.

If you have a quote form on your website or a pricing calculator – this can integrate directly with SugarCRM. The lead can be pushed into SugarCRM and assigned to a salesperson in a round-robin assignment, or in a way that suits your team best. This can all be done without any manual interference.

SugarCRM allows you to see the last interaction between you and a lead, and even report on this data, so you can see which leads need to be followed up on and when. You can use this data to set up notifications, reminding you to check in for an update.

Once your leads have converted to customers, their information is kept safe and secure within SugarCRM. Addresses can be managed easily, clearly differentiating which address is being billed for your products and services. You can also manage account holder info along with current, past, and predicted energy usage.

Apply simple or complex pricing strategies to opportunities, quotes, renewals, and invoices

Being able to drag-and-drop opportunities into different stages, timelines, and priorities gives you the ability to manage your work in your way.

SugarCRM’s kanban view lets you do this with ease – try it now for free, no card details required.

Quote management and product catalogues allow you to send out proposals quickly, beating competitors to it. You can pre-configure your product catalogues to have all of your products and services categorised into easy-to-find folders, so creating and sending a quote can be as easy as a few clicks.

Your quotes can even be automatically branded with your company’s logos and colours to keep professional consistency throughout the customer journey.

Invoices can be automatically generated by SugarCRM based on the data held within the customer’s account. This saves your finance team from manually creating every invoice, instead, the platform does it for you.

The Renewals Console built-in to SugarCRM manages your renewals without the usual headache of remembering contract dates, pricing changes, and terms. With a clear interface and easy navigation, your customers’ contract renewals have never been easier to manage.

Read about how Sugar’s energy CRM helped Zog Energy to manage over 10,000 customers with ease – click here for our success story.

Integrate seamlessly with the rest of your digital tools

Integrating your systems saves your staff valuable time and effort, whether it’s in your Admin department, Marketing, Sales, Support, Projects, or Operations.

It means that you have a continuous flow of information between a range of systems, removing the need to switch between platforms and create the same data.

Sugar’s integration capabilities are truly unmatched – we are experts in creating perfect synergy between systems, making it easy for you to focus on your priorities. 

SugarCRM’s VoIP integration makes for a perfect energy CRM.

Book in a free CRM consultation to see it in action.

The VoIP integration:
  • Saves your team time by automatically logging calls, linking the record to the relevant lead, account, contact, or support case.
  • Means you’ll never need to manually dial a phone number again
  • Improves efficiency and productivity
  • Means you can work on the go – perfect for your support engineers on the road

Get ahead of the competition – choose an energy CRM that works for you.